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100% Pure Facial Peel, Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel 2.9 oz

100% Pure Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel Mask is a concentrated powder to purify and brighten your skin. Stimulating vitamin C helps renew and even your skin as kaolin clay gently clarifies and helps control oil. Pineapple and papaya enzyme non-abrasively exfoliate, eliminating dead skin, and allowing for youthful, healthy skin to come forth. An all-natural solution to a vibrant, younger-looking complexion.

Key features

  • Brighten up with 100% Pure Pineapple enzyme Mask
  • It is a skin brightening facial peel, concentrated with Pineapple enzyme, Papaya enzyme, Vitamin C, and Citrus, which effectively peels surface dead skin cells for a brighter, more glowing complexion
  • This facial peel is concentrated with potent anti-aging antioxidants which help restore the appearance of previously damaged skin
  • 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free

Honest reviews



I’ve had this for about a year and it’s still more than half full, because i never go to the trouble to use it. It’s annoying to have to find something to mix it in, and when it dries it HURTS to try to get off. I never noticed any difference in my skin when I did use it. going back to the ALBA botanicals papaya enzyme mask – i used to use that all the time and could feel it burning, which, for a peel. i think that means it works.

Claire Bon Secour, AL

Love it.

I like this mask because is 100% natural. Very gentle, but exfoliates great, leaving skin smooth with no visible pores. It’s a bit runny when mixed with water and dries quickly on face so I mix with honey (antibacterial) or natural yoghurt for thicker consistency so I can leave on the skin for a longer time. I love 100% pure products.

Renae Saint Francis, ME

Don’t waste your money

This was the worst product I have ever used. This mask is the kind that you have you add water to, which is fine. I’ve used similar products so I didn’t mind. But it took forever to mix with the water. When it finally started to blend it was chunky and very sticky. It also smelled like candy. I couldn’t wash it off either. It took 3 times the amount of face wash to get it off. I threw it away and will never buy again. Also it took almost 2 months for the package to arrive.

Tonia Gordonville, MO

100% Pure Facial Peel, Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel 2.0 oz

I think this is a wonderful product. It arrived pretty fast in the mail. Pineapple enzymes are supposed to be very wonderful for your skin. It isn’t good to put directly around the soft tissue of your eyes though, but I was really glad when it arrived. If the opportunity presents itself I would order it again. I still have some right now though.

Lupe Long Island, KS

Feels clean

I have normal T-zone skin and this product is great! Other products just never felt like it did its job. This mask makes my skin feel very clean afterwards. I use it once a week because I notice that my skin starts to feel like I need a good exfoliation by then and afterwards, my skin feel so soft and even. It can get a bit drying at times before the recommended time is over (10 mins) but I just clean it off sooner. I would definitely get this mask again.

Olive Hollins, AL

100% pure facial peel, pineapple enzyme facial peel 2.0 oz

It works okay, nothing really exceptional. It smells artificial and not at all natural. A strong odor of powder vitamin C. I add whole milk yogurt to this peel to make a mask. It still smells of artificial powder extract. I’ll not reorder again.

Aida Nekoma, KS

Love it

I have reordered this product several times and I will continue to do so in the future very effective exfoliate..

Charlotte Saint Petersburg, FL

it’s ok

I bought this product because 100 % natural , I followed instruction and put on my face my face start to itchy and show up red bump all over, I think pineapple enzyme allergic to some people, I never had any allergy condition until I used this products. But I like theirs other products.

Hazel Hardwick, VT

This is a great mask, it does take a decent amount of powder to mix properly & smells fantastic

Was drawn to this because I’m trying to go a bit more natural and love their mascara. I wouldn’t consider this a peel, it’s more of a mask imo since you mix it with water, yogurt, or lemon juice and it doesn’t "feel" like a peel at all. I love it because it’s non irritating (I use retin A intermittently so my skin can be sensitive sometimes) and it can be moisturizing if mixed with yogurt or pore shrinking with lemon juice & water. My skin is at the crossroads of having fine lines/wrinkles & occasional hormonal breakouts so it’s difficult to find products that cooperate with my skin but this product does and I have used it twice a week since I purchased it 4 weeks ago & my jar is roughly half empty. I don’t plan to be without it unless it’s discontinued (all good things seem to be eventually!).

Connie Eddington, ME

Works nice but smells like yuck.

I hate the smell of this peel. It is like generic toilette cleaner. But it works for making my face a smoother surface with a healthy glow. I was hoping to minimize the orange peel appearance of my skin and so far I see no change. I love mixing it with yogurt as one of the directions vs juice or water. Feels more spa like.

Audra Bay City, OR

Love at first use!

This is gonna be a staple that’s for sure! I love it! It truely brightens the skin and makes it look flawless. I used the 100% pure brightening toner, as well as the pomegranate facial moisturizer afterward and my skin feels and looks the best it has looked in a while. I’m getting so spoiled by this company! My only complaint is mixing the the product. The product itself doesn’t have instructions on how much to mix. Therefore, the first time I tried I used too much yogurt and the second time I tried I used too much water. Things would have gone a lot easier if I had seen the instructions of 1 tbsp and 1 tsp, haha! Regardless, it still worked like a charm that’s why I couldn’t give anything less than 5 stars!

Herminia Brandt, SD

Fabulous Product!

I stumbled across this brand here on Amazon and decided to try a few of their products. I have had health issues for the last few years, which have caused hormonal imbalances with my skin and its overall appearance. I have tried many high dollar products on the market, and none of them have worked. I saw that this was a vegan product, (I myself am a happy carnivore), and thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m so glad I did because this stuff is great!I have used this in conjunction with 2 of their other products, and my skin looks great. It has drawn out so many of the impurities, and literally shrunk my pores. I can honestly say this is the best stuff I have ever used for skin care, and I will not be using anything else. I truly recommend this brand!

Herminia Stockton, MD


It works well. The scent is like a fruit past it’s prime by a day or two it is not offensive or intolerable.

Johanna Kentland, IN