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100% Pure Brightening Scrub Plus Mask, 4 Ounce

100% Pure Brightening Scrub + Mask stimulates renewal as it encourages your most luminous, even skin forth. Formulated to enliven fatigue, tired-looking skin it helps eliminate dead skin cells, while smoothing skin texture. Bearberry, kojic acid, sake, and fruit acid, blend with vitamin C, licorice, and strawberries to brighten your complexion while jojoba beads gently polish. It can also double as a mask for a more intensive brightening process. .

Key features

  • It is a highly nourishing facial mask to rejuvenate your skin and the perfectly round jojoba beads act as a gentle exfoliant to buff away dullness, bumps and dead skin cells
  • Skin Brightening Collection was formulated specifically to enliven dull looking complexion to make it more vibrant, healthy and glowing
  • 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten free

Honest reviews



The scrub beads aren’t very scrubby. They feel like little silicone beads and are very diffuse in the emulsion. i have used salt scrubs and that st Ives stuff…and I am just used to something more abrasive that you feel like you are really exfoliating. It’s almost too gentle. You could use it daily and hopefully the effect is cumulative. I’m just used to exfoliating perhaps once or twice a week and expect to feel scrubbing! Smells nice…has a nice cream to it which isn’t surprising since 100% pure body creams are awesome.

Alyssa Stephenson, MI

Love it!

This scrub works really well and I love the smell. I use it every time I shower and when I use a little lotion afterward my skin looks fantastic. Plus it’s healthy for the skin!

Arlene Pennington, TX

Recommend for normal to dry skin.

I tend to have normal to oily, acne-prone skin. Thus, I can only use the scrub/mask when my skin is on dry side or my face will be very oily afterwards. Otherwise, it’s a great find.

Jessica Point Lay, AK

love this

I love this! I like this much better than the daily foaming face wash… I use it twice a week.

Mavis Packwaukee, WI

bit watery for both scrub and mask uses; yet light, creamy, lovely smell

smells great, works pretty well. I wish it were a little thicker coming out of the tube because I end up wasting it plus I think it would go on better as a mask if it were a little thicker…probably the same for “scrub” usage.if they’d make it thicker, I’d buy again and recommend to others but as it is, probably notupdate Sept 30, 2013: I’ve been using this product for several weeks now. The initial watery consistency is a bit thicker now that I’ve used more of the tube, not sure if it was watery initially because it was delivered in very high temps 80-90 degrees (sitting on UPS truck all day) or if that is normal for this product. It’s better now but I’m still mystified by the scrub usage, it’s not like any facial scrub I’ve ever used. I really love the lemon smell, very refreshing, revitalizing. I haven’t tried it again as a mask. I’ve basically been using it like a cleanser after st ives apricot scrub and it does leave my face soft and refreshed.

Beulah Murphy, OR

good product

Smells great and leaves the skin feeling soft. When you leave it on as a mask it has a light clear consistency and the scrub particles are made from actual sugar. Leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

Melva Lodi, NJ

Smells great but not quite what I wanted

Love the smell, very citrus and yummy. Love that it’s natural.Don’t like that it’s very greasy (as I have oily skin) or that it’s beads are a bit larger than I wanted. I like scrubs that feel like baking soda or something slightly a bit more abrasive. But if you like the larger beads and have dry skin, this should work great for you!

Mable Prairie Farm, WI

Almost, but quite ….

I started using whole series, so check out my other 100% Pure brightening series review as well.When I first time I used as scrub(massaging kinda wash), so oily texture so I massaged longer than the usual. Then I was going to use toner (also 100% Pure brightening toner), my skin was peeled off. My skin was a bit dry-ish after the wash as well.Despite my worry, no more peeling my skin off after I use as more of a mask (spread all over the face, wait a bit, then massage very short time). Dryness got better as well.Pros:-Brightens a bitCons:-May not for a sensitive skin due to my skin peeling results- doesn’t have a satisfaction of scrub effect of clean feeling after the wash.(Hard scrubbing may dry up/peel your skin, but mask with a little massage leaves skin feeling of residue/stick unclean effect)- Agreed with other reviewer’s comment about the beads, too big for the consistency of scrub to match. If the beads were much smaller, gentle massage to spread and massage/scrub easily.I use this for now until I find a perfect (for my skin) brightening scrub without any harsh chemical.For the reason above 3 stars; some what works, just not enough for the price unless they change to a better formula.

Lacey Ardsley, NY

Works amazingly well!

I received this in a kit that I had purchased and had tried it out not expecting much. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what a product promising “skin brightening” was supposed to do. However, this stuff really makes my face appear awake and refreshed. I don’t know how – but it does. It kind of makes it glow like when I’m pregnant. Not only that, I found that it seems to minimize the look of my pores. It also has a wonderful fresh citrus scent. The effect doesn’t last all day, but it does work immediately after I use the product. I’m not sure if I’d buy it again since it is expensive, but it does definitely work.

Lorene Hibbs, PA

It’s ok.

Did not notice any thing specail about this product. My face does not shine nor look better after using this product. The smell is ok.Would not recomend to anyone.

Lakesha Blaine, WA

Love this Stuff!

I have used and purchased a few times now. I love this scrub. It smells great and feels great. Love this brand 100 % pure. Great Products!

Claire Pansey, AL

Highly recommended!

This stuff is the bomb. Gentle beads and a rich emollient texture helps you exfoliate while you hydrate. This line is, as it indicates, 100% pure with no chemicals. You can feel good about these products.

Tammi Seneca, MO