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100% Pure Authentic Liquid African Black Soap From Ghana 16oz.

Black Soap Helps to remove scars caused by acne.Since acne is not caused by dirt, but due to the release of excessive oils within the skin, the soap cannot remove acne. But use of African black soap helps to remove scars cause due to acne. Helps to remove skin irritations.Use of black soap helps to remove skin irritations like rashes. Suitable for all skin types.Black soap can be used for the treatment of problems on all types of skin including the dry and rough, oily and moderate skins. Beneficial for skin diseases.Black soap is very beneficial for reducing the discomforts that are associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema Delays ageing on the skin.Regular use of black soap helps to remove facial lines that are mostly early signs of ageing. Thus black soap can be used to delay ageing of skin

Key features

  • THIS IS NOT A PASTE…REAL LIQUID SOAP Also available in 8oz. and 1 gallon size
  • Made in Ghana, Africa with a Blend of Cocoa and Palm Oil
  • Fights eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions.
  • Our black Soap is 100% pure and authentic Guaranteed

Honest reviews


Not what I expected.

when I first tried it, I thought do liquid black soap suppose to be this watery. but the more and more I used it I got used to it and the smell. I don’t think I will purchase it again, but the soap was okay but not what I expected.

Maxine Selma, IN

Great product for a great price

Shipping was fast. I have sensitive skin and I love this soap, it works well to clear up acne and other skin aliments; only a small amount works wonders. I like to moisturize after use because the soap can potentially leave my face a little dry. I’ve had acne for a good portion of my life but this product solves my skin condition; I have not had a major break out since I’d started using this product. I’d bought a travel sized bottle and mixed my favorite face soap (I like grapefruit acne scrub with facial beads) with a small amount of African Black soap (maybe 25% of the bottle or less, it’s very concentrated); in addition, I’d started using light makeup like BB cream instead of foundation. Voila, my acne has cleared up and the scars are minimized.

Jenna State University, AR

100% Pure Authentic Liquid African Black Soap From Ghana 16 oz

This soap gets your hair extremely clean. For a natural product, it does super well. I use this type of soap twice a week or so to help w/buildup & it is a very nice facial cleanser. It arrives very fast in the mail & is very fairly priced.

Erna Sugarloaf, PA

Great Soap

A gentle clean with a wonderfully clean fragrance and smartly priced. Certainly won’t be the last time I purchase this.

Carmela North Liberty, IA

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

Used this as a body wash and my skin was super soft!! I barely used a teaspoon and it lathered up great. Rinsed clean and left my skin SOFT!! I agree that the packaging is annoying and should have been in a pump bottle but you can always transfer it into a pump bottle or change the cap.*UPDATE – 03/17/14*I have also been using this on my 11 year old’s face. She has acne and I can not tell you how MUCH BETTER her face looks after just three days. We’ve tried, proactive, prescriptions and none have helped. Give it a try if you’re experiencing acne.

Vicky Buxton, ME

Too Bad

I had high hopes for this soap but over time the soap began to irritate my skin. I admit my skin is pretty sensitive but I’d heard so many good things about black African soap.

Cathy Listie, PA

great soap!

so far, so good. I really prefer this liquid over the bar soap! I’ve used the bar soap for about a year now, and have liked it, but now that I this liquid, I prefer it much better.

Annabelle Bruner, MO