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100% Pure: All Natural and Organic, Body Scrub – Kona Coffee, 16 oz

Delicious Cocoa Kona Coffee body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. Highly concentrated with skin nourishing ingredients and powerful anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins. Organic rosehip and apricot oils deeply moisturize and nourish. Truly, 100% Pure- no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol or any other toxins.

Key features

  • 100% Pure – Organic Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub – 17 oz

Honest reviews


Awesome body scrub!

I discovered this line of products completely by accident, but some things are meant to be! This scrub is not oily like the others in this line. It removes dead dry skin very well, so if dryness isn’t an issue for you, this is a great scrub. I alternate between this one and the coconut scrub. I have very dry skin, but you can’t tell anymore. The small bumps I used to get on the back of my legs….gone. The dry, ashy appearance of my skin after I am completely dry from a bath or shower…gone. My skin is soft and silky. I am not sure if it is because of the scrubs, but my skin is even becoming more even toned (body). It glows like it never has before. I am very pleased and I will continue to purchase this product. The shipping was fast (Amazon Prime), and because I am deployed, that is a huge plus!

Jeannette Hollis Center, ME

Absolutely blew me away!

OH MY GOODNESS! When I first opened this and smelled it, I wanted to eat it! LOL! It smells SO good! What’s even better than the smell is the way it leaves my skin feeling – so soft and moisturized even after the first use! I was blown away by the softness it left me with that I purchased a few more as Christmas gifts and checked out other 100% Pure’s products and tried them as well. I like that they are organic, vegan and CRUELTY FREE!!

Betsy Saint Rose, LA

Smells luscious and smooths skin beautifully

I’m a bit of a bath product addict so I was excited to find this body scrub. The appealing factor for me was the smell. Because it actually contains cocoa and coffee beans it has a true to life aroma. It reminds me of being in the kitchen baking up something chocolately. While it doesn’t zap my chocolate cravings it does make being in the shower a joy. Even better, it does a lovely job of exfoliating my skin. I tend to have pretty dry skin and it does a wonderful job of keeping it feeling silky.The downside of this product is that you REALLY have to take care to scrub it off well because it leaves a brown residue behind. This is not a product I can simply lather on my body and wash off in the shower. It’s necessary to use a wash cloth or a sponge to wipe it off. I suspect this isn’t a problem for most people but one time I rushed out of the shower too quickly and looked ‘dirty.’ Additionally I have found I have to be careful because droplets have gotten on my shower curtain liner and have stained in. Usually this is not a problem if I notice right away and make sure to wash it off. However, it is a bit of a pain because again, the brown color makes it look dirty.However, as long as you make sure it doesn’t get all over your shower curtain and you wash it off your skin using a wash cloth or sponge you will enjoy this product because the lovely fragrance and silky skin it leaves behind are worth it.

Amelia Shawneetown, IL

Costa Rica in a jar!

My oh my, I melt into bliss every time I use this scrub. Not only is it rich and has an invigorating smell, it feels so nice on my skin. Another reason I especially feel so happy when I use it, is because a really great Costa Rican friend of mine makes a similar blend with her local natural resources. It feels and smells almost identical, and my mind is always whisked away to using this scrub while on the beach in Costa Rica. It is Costa in a jar. 🙂

Jodie Clay Center, KS

Kona me crazy

My fiancee says I smell like coffee and chocolate after I use this product. So that alone is a good start yes?! It does make a mess in your shower so be prepared for some cleaning up after using it. I would love to see this product in a bottle instead of a container. It would make it less messy as it’s easier to "pour" vs "scope" out a product like this. I particular like using it before shaving my legs. It makes your skin soft.

Aisha Princeton, AL