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100% Pure African Black Liqiud Soap 8 oz

100% all nature black soap

Key features

  • natural
  • african black soap

Honest reviews


Maybe not for me, maybe for severe acne.

I like and dislike this product. But I had mild acne and going back, my acne wasn’t that bad. I just had a lot of scars and acne on the side of my face. But my acne hasn’t gotten any better. I expected this to be a miracle product to be honest.I used this twice a day, in the morning and in the shower. When I initially tried it, it started to sting my face. The bumps on the right side of my face flattened and went away. Scars were still there.But what makes me think this is for severe acne, is because it helped me when I had a cystic acne. I never get those, but I experimented very wrongly with tea tree oil (it isn’t bad, I used too must on my bare skin) and now I have the worst scar ever. However, when I was using the black soap, it continually flattened it out and I don’t think any other product could have done that, and very quickly too.But I grew tired of the stinging. My cheeks would burn like my skin was coming off. My acne scars looked a little shiny. But it never did anything for them. I have oily skin, and it never dried out my skin so I don’t know what the stinging was about. I do not have sensitive skin. I have “MY SKIN CAN TAKE ON THE WORLD!” type of skin. So the stinging was scary.When I had big bumps, it flattened that but they never completely went away. Even my smallest acne, it wouldn’t do anything for it, but the big pimples it would flatten.It also did nothing for blackheads. I didn’t feel like it was deep cleaning my face either.Again I think this would be right for people who have huge pimples or severe acne. This flattens out huge pimples magically.All you need is a dime size (or half a dime size) as well. It lathers very good. IT will last a long time in the jar because you need a small amount.Also when I was threading my chin for the first time, I got HUGE bumps all over. This took care of it in a few days. Another reason why I think this is for severe, big pimple type acne.I guess I’ll just keep it incase I get a huge pimple. I notice where it would burn, my face was shiny.edit : I noticed there is a review that says his/her son saw improvement in their acne then it just stopped and they ended up switching products. I also just switched products. Again, I do not feel like the black soap DEEP CLEANS into pores. It would just heal any harsh acne on the first layer of your skin.Ingredients : Palm Kernel oil, Palm oil, and water. What’s funny is my mom told me to stay away from Palm Oil on my face. I have not looked it up but my mother has clear skin so I should probably listen to her (haha).Also this is not to be compared with the black soap that comes in a bar. That one has more ingredients and I heard it to be more harsh. I do not want to try it though…

Michael Rosser, TX

Good Soap but be careful!!!

It is a great natural soap that can lather face,hair, & everything you think of without worrying abt chemical, mineral oil or sls. It helps fading your marks like cocoa butter or shea butter. Just be careful to not use too much or put near your eye because it can get into your eyes and hurting really bad. I thought it would not , since it is natural. I was wrong, it is similar to any commerical soaps.I think that is why my left eye is now sore. I had to take some relief dropper, I am dumb for washing soap around my eye area. It still GREAT soap. I been ordering that black soap, dubu dubu soap didn’t work well on my acnes. African black soap is the BEST , unrefined and pure.I would reccomde this one, along with witch hazel to apply after that. Soap is dryness after using, making me thinking it detoxing. Witch hazel is a great way for toner along with vitamin c or tree tea cream .

Sarah Fredericktown, OH

No Poo Wonder

This is fantastic for those of us who have bravely ventured into the “no poo” (no shampoo/chemicals/products) world. The baking soda/water method of washing leaves a lot to be desired but this black liquid soap lathers perfectly and is all natural. Here is how I use it for shampoo:Use one (1) 16.9 oz empty bottle (you will continue to reuse this)Carefully drill or poke a hole in the cap that goes to your empty 16.9 oz plastic bottle (I use an old water bottle)Fill it up with approximately 1/3 of 100% pure African black liquid soapAdd approximately 1/3 warm waterReplace capPlace your finger over the drilled hole in the cap and shake wellThis lasts me about 10 shampoos and I have very thick and long hair (Caucasian hair). Note if you go “no poo” you only need to wash your hair 2-3 times a week so this small bottle will last 2-3 months which is a great buy.Hope this helps someone :).

Elba Beaufort, MO

/wonder soap for your skin

I bought my first African Black Soap from Smoky Mountain Minerals and they are much much higher than any of the sites I’ve found here. I paid $12.00 for 2.3 oz. The soap is wonderful, I live in the desert and we have very hard water and very dry skin. I also have chronic ezema on my hands. As long as I use this soap it stays cleared up. I love the thick rich lather and the soft skin I get after my shower. I’d highly recommend this soap and will continue to use it. The prices here are very good compared to the other site.

Michelle Hamlin, WV

Okay I guess

I just really wanted some liquid black soap because this is so thick and sticky it’s unusable really. Bad purchase.

Amy Yantis, TX


There was a DEAD INSECT IN IT!!!!! NASTY!!!! DO NOT ORDER THIS!!! Do they not have any quality control at all, WTF???

Erica Fielding, UT

Great reviews

We purchased this becasue of the reviews. The soap is doing wonderful for me. It exfoliates the skin on my feet and my back feels so smooth. My skins seems to have clarity. However, my 15 year old daughter whom is suffering from hormonal acne and has freqent breakouts and sensitive skin, has not done well at all with the soap. She said that it broke her even more.

Norma Benton, KS

Lovin’ this product!!!!!!!!!

Okay- 1st let me say if the solid AFRICAN BLACK SOAP didnt work for you please give the liquid a try. For me I find it to be more mild (than the solid) and when I mix the African Shea Oil with it-it is more mild than Dove soap. I absolutley LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My only complaint is I would love to have it in a 32 oz or more size container!!! I honestly cant get enough and my daughter who has eczema is able to use this soap when I mix it with the Shea Oil. For me it has a clean soap smell but if you dont like the smell you can mix with lavender or other scents you can find at your local health food store or here on Amazon!!!! Awesome product!

Claudia Fillmore, CA

Legit Multipurpose Cleanser!

Ordered the soap back in the fall of 2012 and I’m very happy with it. I use it as a multipurpose for my hair, face, and body, all of which, adores the product. I suffer from dry scalp and lathering with it after an overnight oil poo and this is a dream as it removes the dirt, flakes, and calms the itchiness. I use it for shower and bath time applying it to a wash cloth and cleans well over my body. My face also likes it as I’m starting to see my skin tone evening out better than other facial washes I’ve used in the past. Great soap here! Don’t pass on it!

Martha Manti, UT

Really Cleanses!

I have very bad acne scars, uneven skin tone, and blotchiness, but the black soap was able to clear this up. The key is consistency. You will see results with continue use.

Mitzi Ely, MN

100% Pure African Black Liuid Soap 8oz

I like pure African black soap but I don’t care for this version. I’d rather use the solid raw soap just preference I guess:). I feel like I get more out of the solid pack.

Liza Carlsbad, TX

Not great with my skin

After reading many positive reviews on this soap, I decided to try it. For some reason, it just did not agree with my skin and made it worse. I’m sure it might work well for some, but unfortunately not me.

Angeline Mcminnville, OR

you only need a little of this product

Ive used this product for bathing, washing my hands and face. Its very concentrated you only need a little. I am tired of using products with all kinds of stuff in them that we have to google to get an understanding of what it is. Ive gone natural !!!!!!!!

Bridgette Colusa, CA

Wont buy again

Will not buy again. This is VERY runny. However, it does lather really well and makes my skin feel clean and soft. The reason I will not buy again is because of the packaging. Too messy with as runny as it it. This bottle should have a “flip top” and not the screw cap. I’ve only had it a week and it’s half way gone. It runs out of the bottle far too fast. The package should really be redesigned.

Dorothea East Pharsalia, NY

For My Teenage Son

My son had terrible acne on his face and back. I bought this some and melted it then mixed it with Jojoba oil and Almond oil. It works well, now his acne is all gone, he is working on the scaring by washing with black soap and moisturizing with pure shea cocoa butter.

Stacy Waterloo, AL

This stuff is surprisingly awesome

Got this in a few days ago and I love it. My skin (almost 50) feels gear after washing with this product. Leaves it very soft and hydrated. You only need a smidgen to get a great lather. I’m sure this container of product will last a very long while. It has a slight odor which is not unpleasant, just strange. It goes away after a few minutes. I would recommend this to everybody that wants very clean, fresh skin. It is also recommended for other areas as well but I have no problems with those areas. Love it!!

Laurie Bluff City, AR

It’s a marvelous product, but it’s a weird consistency

It’s really a great product and my skin hasn’t had any breakouts since I have been using this on both my face and my body and then moisturizing with 100% natural shea butter. I don’t use any other products besides these two for my skin and it has never looked better. Reason why I am giving this 3 stars is because although it is a great product, it isn’t liquid. It’s like a sticky putty! I can’t put it on my wash cloth, so I just smash it into a sponge and lather (for my body). For my face, I just lather between my hands. Next time I’m going to try the liquid in the bottle.

Georgina Aliceville, AL