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100% Organic West African Shea Butter 16 oz

African Shea Butter 100% Natural African Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Tree. It contains a rich amount of unremovable fatty acid which render it far superior to cocoa butter and other natural vegetable butters. this fatty is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Shea Butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold, sun and it helps heal wounds faster. Shea Butter stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin.

Key features

  • Super moisturizing
  • Great for scars, acne and dry skin

Honest reviews


Whats the big deal?!!

Ok, I just got my raw Shea Butter today, and first off the container was dented and then duct taped like it had been thrown against the wall. When i first opened the container, the stench practically hit me in the face. It smells DISGUSTING!! When i tried to scoop some out, it was so hard and brittle i had to put it on top of my heater to soften it up a bit. When it finally started to melt (which it went from completely hard to oil), i put some on my hands and my face and it feels completely greasy, (i definitely wouldnt use it on my face during the day) and the smell is definitely lingering, so I’m going to have to wash it all off before work. I know that since this is a natural product, it takes a little time to “work” so I’m going to give it a shot. I’m just only going to use it at night so i can wash it off in the morning. I also bought the Dudu Osun Black Soap that i can’t wait to try (it smells like pine trees) so maybe that will pair well with the shea butter. I just think that on first application, Vaseline with SHea butter moisturizes the same, if not better than the raw shea butter….and it smells a wholeee lot better!!!!

Marjorie Wauregan, CT


Pure African Shea butter is one of the oldest forms of moisturizing around. It has been used in Africa for centuries. PURE RAW shea butter (not shea mixed with olive, mineral, or other oils…sometimes called Body Butters) is good for daily moisturizing of the body, face and hair. It is good for scarring, soothing stretch marks and a host of other things. Beware…a lot of retails (online and “regular” stores) sell low grades of shea butter OR shea mixed with other oils for unreal prices. This product is what I buy form various African vendors at conventions and small ethnic locations. It last long and it is real…no fancy packaging, etc. Just the product in a plain plastic jar. In addition to this I would recommend African Black Soap the best one is by DUDU Oson (I know I spelled it wrong) but you will know when you find it…it is a bit higher in price here at Amazon…but it is not a bad price. You can use that for your body AND face and you will notice the difference over time best of all NO CHEMICAL ADDITIVES!!! Since I have gradually made the switch to NATURAL body products my skin, nail and hair has been great. NOTE: To get thereal value of this product I recommend order MORE than 1 @ a time to off set the shipping. Just FYI. Hope thai helps.

Carmella North Augusta, SC

More like sheaT butter!

Alright, I admit I have never seen, felt or smelled 100 % shea butter in my life! So, technically, I cannot say if this is the real deal or not. But even if it is, you definitely don’t want to rub this on your skin, for simple fact that it smells awful! Instead, I have turned it into a paste and used it, along with jojoba and castor oil, as hot oil hair treatment. The shampoo afterwards takes care of the unpleasant scent. I have to say, it works wonders! Hey, if life throws you shea, make some butter with it. :)UPDATE******I decided to do my hair ‘mascara’ again, but this time using a lot more shea butter than oils. Let me tell you, my head started itching a minute after applying it, and even after shampooing and rinsing my hair twice, my head still itched and my scalp was redish!! I thought “Wow, could I be allergic to 100% pure shea butter?!” So I did a google search and found this:””The Food Allergy Research and Resource Program reports the shea nuts do not belong in the list of commonly allergenic tree nuts. There are no reports of allergic reactions to shea nuts or its products.””I’ll let you take your own conclusions about the purity of this shea butter, or even if it’s shea butter at all. As for me, I threw it all out and definitely won’t be buying from this seller again.

Gracie Cardiff, AL

Better than any cream or lotion I’ve ever tried.

It seems whenever I use any kind of lotion my skin just soaks it right up and still is dry. I don’t like artificial scents and if you want “good” lotion it costs a lot for a small amount.I’ll be honest, this stuff looks really funky. There’s no getting around that, but I got over it when I picked up a nasty-dried-up-play-doh-lookin’ chunk and rubbed it between my hands and then started to rub it on my arms. My skin was glowing and the smell that may offend some people lessens in intensity and smells pleasant on the skin. I found it works best to start by picking up a chunk, rolling it around in my hand..some of it starts to warm and then melt onto my hands.. I can then rub the chunk itself over my skin or just keep rolling the chunk in my hands to gets more of the shea butter on them…then when it’s warm and melted I rub it on my face, especially around the eyes, my neck, stretchmarks on my belly (*blush*), feet, arms, elbows, etc. I especially like it on my feet, cuz they get dry and cracked. I sometimes slather it on pretty thick and then put socks on and go to bed like that. With shipping this product ended up costing me $20 but a little goes a long way, and you get 2 pounds worth. Look how much really good skin cream that truely works on dry thirsty skin costs and the size of the product. I also like that this is a pure and natural product. Some lotions have shea butter in them but it’s only a small amount. This is the real thing and it does a great job. I have dry skin , but parts of my face are oily and using this stuff doesn’t seem to aggravate it. Oily skin needs some moisturizing too I think.

Nicole King Of Prussia, PA

Very good

I bought some shea butter at a craft fair and it was very expensive but it worked great for my dry legs. I ran out so went shopping at Amazon. This is a great price and it works great. It is kinda lumpy but it breaks apart with some pressure from your thumb. I do use a lot after my shower but my legs get so dry in the winter under my jeans and this has really helped. I do recommend!

Tori Mount Vernon, GA

Good quality

This is high-quality shea butter and super cheap. I recommend it for anyone wanting to try it for the first time (like myself) or for replenshing your stock.

Noemi Buffalo, KS

Interesting product…

I bought this product after noticing how many unnatural ingredients were in the body butter I was using. It comes in a large plastic container, and unlike the picture is in random clumps. After removing one small clump and letting it warm in my hand it is easily spreadable and very moisturizing. However I do not think I can handle the smell. It is quite smokey. I guess I expected something more on the lines of a cocoa butter smell. Next time I will try the refined white shea butter or maybe the oil instead.

Laverne New Madrid, MO

Excellent All Around

First, this does not come on the nut as pictured. Mine arrived a plastic container in chunks and pieces. This is great because I didn’t have to suffer through the chore of removal & storage. Yippie! The seller shipped this so fast my head was spinning! Excellent service and an excellent price for an excellent product! Using truly organic products is a no brainer. When I run out of shea butter for my homemade hand, face & body products, I will be ordering more from this fantastic seller.On a side note, in the winter my face was so dry from the cold air and fireplace so at night I put 100% shea butter on my face before bed. Yep I was shiny but my skin was so much better for it! On really bad days, I even wore it to work. No one said anything, so I guess I looked fine enough. If anything it’s yellow color helped to tone down my red irritated skin to a more normal looking complexion!I just love this stuff!

Blanche Warfield, VA

Raw Shea butter

African Shea Butter Creams 16 Oz. (100% Pure & Raw)This helped with extremely dry skin. I’ve used it for about a year. Tried both the Gold and White. The white seems lighter and not as potent. The gold has a scent similar to cocoa butter. I recently ordered a second batch (3 containers to one batch lasted several months. However, maybe because this is a natural product, I am unsure, but before opening container, I noticed one batch had greenish, blue tinge in some areas. I contacted the seller, who immediately sent replacement products.*****Would upgrade to 5 Stars! July 13, 2009So, I ordered this again and what a great experience! It was wrapped differently for shipping and one container lasts me about 5 months. On the second container now and it is still fresh, rich and creamy. The consistency is creamier. I love that moisturizes like no other lotion that I have tried except Ecco Bella, but without the liquid consistency. If in a hurry, scoop some in hand, rub together, rub onto body part and go. Wait a few minutes, if applying to feet in sandals, as it can cause feet to slide and slip a bit. Even on extremely dry skin, put it on in the morning and it lasts throughout the day into late night. In sunny, hot conditions, I use an SPF over it, as I think it would may cause sunburning.

Rena New Boston, NH

I love this butter!!!

This is the first time I am trying raw shea butter, and I am hooked. It works great by itself however, to make it easier to apply, I place it in a jar and heat it somewhat in hot water to soften it, and then mix in aloe vera gel, coconut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. I use this cream all over my body – on my hair, face, hands and feet and it works wonderfully, even in the harshest cold.

Sheri Leeds, AL

Great Product

Very nice moisturizer. Con must apply to very warmed skin. Pro it lasts for 24 plus hours. greasy at first, but then it goes away and leaves very soft, hydrated skin.

Adriana Columbiaville, MI

Good for the Skin

Several times I have ordered this product, and it works well. I have used it both by itself as well as with other oils such as organic argan oil and organic grapeseed oil. It is soothing to the skin. Besides, I have even used it by itself on my hair. I liked the results very much. I think that it is a good idea to use 100% Organic West African Shea Butter in combination with a favorite oil of yours. This way you double the goodness!

Saundra Porter, OK

Whoa now that’s different

I’m not new to Shea butter because I’ve used the refined version before; I just didn’t know that the raw kind existed. The raw unrefined tan colour will take some getting use to, but so far I do like how it feels and it only takes a small amount as opposed to the white. I just received mines August 26th, 2009. I placed it after reading ALL the reviews including the negative reviews. I will come back and tell you if I’ve noticed any other differences besides the fact that a little does go a long way, and it does stay on my skin longer, and I like using it in my hair on the ends.

Jenny Grantsville, WV

Love it

This is very raw Shea butter with some particles in it. It is organic and very healing on your skin. Shea butter is very moistening an easy to apply. It is solid at room temperature, but melts on your skin very easily. It goes on smoothly and absorbs very well. It heals chapped hands, lips and is a natural sun screen. It has worked very well on finger cuts and dry spots. Great price!

Pansy Vonore, TN

100% Organic West African Shea Butter 16oz

This was the first time I have purchased 100% Shea butter and I really like what it does for my skin especially on those dry cold winter days. It does have a strong nutty smell which I don’t care for but it didn’t bother my husbands sensitive nose so that made it easier to ignore. During the day I put it on after a nice warm shower which helps melt on my skin easier, I actually found myself enjoying it like a mini message :). At night I like to rub it on slowly as I get ready for bed, it’s great to use on your feet, then put some cozy socks, don’t forget your hands 🙂 I have even used it as a primer for some of my drier eyeshadows. I highly recommend this oh and if you fake tan like myself it give it an extra yellow under tone that looks great! Did I mention it protects from those harsh uv rays.

Mandy Dallardsville, TX

Makes great diaper and skin cream

I seriously spent $12 on 2oz of pure shae butter at Whole Foods. Then I order it here and get 8x as much for 30% less. And it’s actually better than the stuff from WF. We used this by itself for a bit, but it takes too long to liquify it for applying as a diaper cream, so I made it into a butt butter by adding lanolin, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and beeswax. It’s quite an amazing concoction. This much makes enough for us to use for about 3 months. I’m just now ordering my second batch ingredients so I can give it out to our friends who are having children. I also love putting it on them, because then I get to have it on my hands. I started using it as a soothing ointment after shaving too and it’s better than anything else.

Jimmie Fiatt, IL

Great stuff! Keep it away from the dog, though

I bought both the gold and the white shea butter. I don’t find the scent of the gold to be objectionalble at all, in fact I like it, and I’m the first one in any group to complain about the smell of something. It’s a great moisturizer, although I had to get past the crumbled-cheese texture, I consoled myself that there weren’t any petroleum byproducts to emulsify it. My only problem occurred when my dog devoured the whole 8-oz tub of the gold shortly after I got it. But she never had any GI problems after that, like I would have expected, which I guess vouches for its purity!

Tamara Kingston, PA

its good

its authentic.. generic… but good.. i have purchased it before offline. i got 2 deli type plastic containers of 8 oz

Billie Augusta, ME

West African Shea Butter

I tried shea butter because of an article I read in a magazine. It is absorbent, and does make the skin softer. I do like this product and will probably buy again.

Patti Saint Martin, MN

I love this Shea Butter!

After doing a lot of review about shea butter, I have come to conclusion that this is the right butter for me. I am very please with the product. It glides and absorbs in my skin and hair easily, and moisturizes at the same time. I will be ordering a larger tube since my family is helping themselves to mine. I shouted, “Hey, I was given this for Mother’s Day!” Oh well, that didn’t stop them. So, I decided to order a larger one. This butter is really, really good. I like it and my family does too.

Stacey Harrisburg, OH

great for the price

Arrives raw so its a little hard but greatif you smush it a bit and/or to mix with essensial oils.

Harriett San Juan Pueblo, NM

Uncertain quality

I do not have a reference point, as I never used unrefined shea butter before. This product has rather faint tobacco smell and it is bright yellow, which, as I understand, suggests that something was added to it. Also, it is not certified by ASBI or any other organization, which leaves some doubts regarding authenticity. It does not absorb into skin quickly, but seems to be a good emollient. I use it on my feet and put on socks overnight – they are stained with dark spots in the morning. Is it the way it’s supposed to be?UPDATE. I purchased shea butter from an ASBI-certified supplier. Upon comparing the two products, it seems that there is definitely shea butter in the product that is being reviewed. The smell is the same as the ASBI-certified product. However, it is either not Grade A butter, or it is past the expiration date, or maybe it was reheated many times. It is very grainy [which may be due to reheatings], takes much longer to melt when rubbed between the palms, and longer to absorb into skin than the ASBI-certified product. It may also be mixed with some oil, because it is oilier than the ASBI-certified product, and its color is bright yellow, not ivory.

Joni Tipton, IA

Fresh but may not be genuine shea butter

I ordered this from Nature and Herbs and paid a total of twelve dollars and sixty-one cents including shipping for 16 oz. Nature and Herbs shipped very promptly, shipment was wrapped in a padded mailer and then a cardboard mailer. The butter was packed into two 8 oz plastic tubs. This is my first purchase of shea butter, so I don’t have anything else to compare it to, but it smelled fresh – vaguely like cocoa butter. It didn’t seem rancid at all. It’s very thick. The Amazon product description says it’s organic, but the label on the container only says “100% Pure Africa Shea Butter.” I was willing to pay more for an organic product, but I don’t think this butter from Nature and Herbs is organic.Here’s the suspicious part. The color is a BRIGHT YELLOW. Natural shea is supposed to be ivory in color. This means either a root extract has been added to dye the product yellow OR this butter is NOT true shea butter, but rather African butter from a different tree. So I’m not sure I have the real deal. I’m going to have to order from a different seller for comparison.”Shea Butter comes from the Karite tree and can be a variety of colors ranging from a slight yellow to an off white. Shea butter is never a bright yellow, the bright yellow butter is actually African butter which comes from an entirely different tree. The most expensive shea butter is East African Shea butter, because the butter is rare.”Amazon doesn’t allow me to post links to this information, so just do a google search for “Yellow Shea Butter” and watch the YouTube video that comes up in the search results.UPDATE 3-21-13: I ordered KAKOSI brand organic shea butter from the seller Icemans Thunder. This is the real deal. It was ivory in color and had a slightly different texture from the yellow butter. It comes sealed in a heavy bag and was nine dollars and ninety five cents with free shipping for 16 oz.KAKOSI 100% Pure Organic Raw Virgin Shea Butter (16oz/1 Pound) Solid/Cream Temperature DependentYou can also find KAKOSI brand organic cocoa butter:KAKOSI Organic Cocoa Butter 16oz Bagged Solid/Cream Temperature Dependent

Janet Coinjock, NC

Real shea butter

It’s thick creamy dreamy shea butter. It arrived quickly and was packaged in large chunks which made it easy to transfer it to plastic bags. It’s so thick that I will have to mix it with oils to be able to smooth it on to my skin a little easier. I’m definitely not complaining about that though. I will be re ordering when I run out (which may be a while given the amount of shea butter I received,lol)

Lolita Esbon, KS


wonderfulll amezing …. … … .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .i will order more later

Jennifer South Milford, IN