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100% Natural Vitamin C Eye Makeup Remover, Oil Free, Non-Irritating – Strengthens Lashes & Nourish Delicate Eye Area – ‘Leave No Trace!’ by Vi-Tae® – 4.46oz

Effortlessly Turn Smokey Eyes into Bare Eyes! Naturally! Half the fun in going out for the night is your routine to get ready! Nothing beats putting on your favorite dress, perfecting that gorgeous cat eye makeup, and feeling your best. But when the night ends and you’re back at home, the real struggle begins: Attempting to remove all that mascara, shadow, and eye liner. Eyes are delicate, and all that scrubbing can lead to irritation, redness, and even wrinkles! Don’t be afraid to try the next smokey eye trend – With ‘Leave No Trace!’ from Vi-Tae, removing eye makeup is easier than ever! ‘Leave No Trace!’ is perfect for all skin types because it employs purified water as its base. It includes powerhouse ingredients like Orange Peel and Aloe Extract to help combat the signs of aging – And by improving skin’s elasticity and providing deep hydration, they aid in erasing and preventing wrinkles. And if makeup remover has left you with red, irritated eyes in the past, Leave No Trace will become your new best friend! Our expert blend includes Green Tea Leaf Powder for anti-inflammation and Cucumber Extract to help reduce puffiness. At the end of the day, who couldn’t use a little pampering? Why Choose ‘Leave No Trace!’? • Oil-free makeup remover that’s safe for all skin types. • Helps prevent wrinkles and offers anti-aging benefits. • Gentle enough for use around the eyes. • All-natural, specialized formula that is not irritating. • Brought to you by Vi-Tae, a trusted brand with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Your Purchase is Backed with an EXTENDED 1-Year Guarantee – Satisfaction or Your Money Back! *Stock is limited. Order Vi-Tae ‘Leave No Trace!’ Now and Unleash Your Bare Beauty!

Key features

  • Remove Eye Makeup With Ease, Naturally: Most cleansers rely on oils and synthetics to breakdown and wash away makeup, leading to eyes that looks older and tired. ‘Leave No Trace!’ is an oil-free water-based cleanser, that easily dissolves away eye makeup and helps make them look fresh and younger looking!
  • Vitamin C Enriched For Anti-Aging Benefits: Believe it or not, excess makeup left on the skin can cause premature aging! To help give you the ultimate cleansing experience, our formula includes a healthy dose of Vitamin C & Aloe Extract to improve elasticity and Orange Peel Extract to hydrate skin and fight wrinkles for young, glowing skin!
  • No Eye Irritation: Eyes are super sensitive, and most makeup removers can cause redness or irritation. But ‘Leave No Trace!’ is all-natural, gentle, and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like Tea Leaf Powder. It also packs a dose of Cucumber Extract to help reduce puffiness around the eyes.
  • Safe, Natural Ingredients – Made in the USA with lots of LOVE: When it comes to your skin, natural really is better. ‘Leave No Trace!’ is free of any parabens, phthalates, or artificial fillers. Taking advantage of nature’s bounty means that we can offer phenomenal results to all skin types. It’s skincare you can feel good about!
  • Try Risk Free From A Trusted Brand: When you’re looking to treat yourself to the very best, Vi-Tae has exactly what you’re looking for. Our line of health, beauty & personal care products feature only natural ingredients for quick and safe results. A trusted brand for natural products that deliver amazing RESULTS & a proven track record of helping tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. *** Your COMPLETE SATISFACTION is assured with our EXTENDED 1 YEAR, No Questions Asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Honest reviews


Really Impressive Clean

I’m really impressed by this all natural makeup remover. We’ve been using it at our house for about a month now and can say unequivocably that this is our favorite brand and product. It removes all types of mascara and color with no irritation. There isn’t any chemical smell because there aren’t any chemicals.I highly recommend it because it’s all natural and also because it works.A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer for review.

Dana Fayette, AL

Non-oily make up remover

I have really sensitive eyes, but this eye make up remover didn’t make them sting. It removes my eye make up quickly and easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. It smells good, too.

Bethany Logandale, NV

All natural, high quality eye makeup remover. Very good product.

This makeup remover comes in a 4.46 ounce bottle with a flip top lid. It’s such a thin formula that it tends to leak a little out of the lid. If you knock it over of hold it on it’s side then it may start to come out. It has a safety seal on it so it won’t leak at all during shipping. It’s not a very big bottle but you only use a little bit at a time so it will still last quite a long time. It’s a very thin formula that can be applied to cotton balls or a soft wash cloth prior to being applied to the area around your eyes. I does an excellent job at removing eye shadow with very little effort needed. However it struggles to remove some types of mascara. Overall it’s one of my favorite eye makeup removers.The formula is made to be safe around your eyes and all natural. It contains aloe vera powder, orange peel extract, green tea leaf powder, chamomile flower powder and cucumber exract. It provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits and it’s not at all oily. Its all natural composition is perfect for those with delicate and sensitive skin. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and combat acne. It leaves your face feeling stripped of all makeup and simply clean and fresh.This product doesn’t contain any petroleum products, sodium laureth sulfate, acrylamide, phelon carbolic acid, toluene, dioxane or any artificial scents or color. It’s an all natural and high quality eye makeup remover. It’s a little pricey but the good stuff always is.Sample provided for review.

Maggie Deep Gap, NC


Mrs. Dan rarely gets excited about make up products, they usually just work or they don’t and there is little reason to get excited. The Vi-Tae makeup remover, “Leave No Trace” is a completely different story. This is by far the best makeup remover she has ever used – ultimately, she would buy this by the gallon.The current eye makeup remover is Maybelline Expert Eyes, before that Estee Lauder was in the house (that was just 500 times the cost and not that much better than Expert Eyes). The reason for all the excitement, Leave No Trace leaves no oil behind, it cools when it works, and it feels great (all those great extracts – green tea, chamomile, orange, and cucumber – all relaxing soothing products). It also smells wonderful, no strong chemical or oil smells.The remover worked great with a cotton cosmetic pad. No problems with contacts. The smell was so much better than any of the other removers.The bottle is wonderful – a tall thin brown plastic bottle with a flip cap. It is easy to use just a few drops and fits perfectly in smaller hands.I was provided a review sample.

Myrtle Nahcotta, WA

3.5 With Reservations

When I was asked to try this product and to then review it, I had really high hopes. I wear a very waterproof eye make-up and since I recently underwent cataract surgery, I am really trying my best to find the best eye make-up remover that won’t irritate my eyes. Well this product fills the bill nicely on several fronts – It is mostly herbal with only a couple of ingredients that are chemical, like the polysorbate 60 or sodium trideceth, both which are actually natural. There is no oil in this product to clog you pores. The smell is wonderful – I would LOVE a body spray like this.You must do as recommended and use cotton balls or a very very soft, lint-free cloth to take your make-up off, otherwise you will get pills and fuzzies from a tissue in your eye.This will not take off water-proof mascara, at least not the L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof that I use. It (the mascara) does eventually come off, but I am afraid that I am rubbing too hard to get the job done without damage.

Earline Kettle Island, KY

Works As Described Without Leaving Sticky/Oily Residue

Vi-Tae “Leave No Trace” easily removes any eye makeup, and it slides right off without having to rub or scrub delicate eye skin. It does not burn or sting if it gets in your eyes although it might have a noticeable sensation, it doesn’t feel painful or like you got something in your eye, it’s like every other eye makeup remover you’d buy at a cosmetics counter, except this one is made with natural ingredients. “Leave No Trace” is not oily at all, and the only way I could tell where I had used it was when I washed my face with Vi-Tae’s face wash “Take It Off”, I went around my eyes with the face wash and could feel how smooth and soft the rest of my face was in comparison to my eye area (now I’m thinking it could just be the amazing face wash)! I would choose this product a million times over the store brand eye makeup removers with their chemically products that leave somewhat sticky or oily residues. If this product does leave a residue, it’s barely noticeable, and easily removes the blackest eye makeup with ease. This all natural eye makeup remover has a very faint chamomile smell, lovely. This is now the only makeup remover product I use.

Naomi White Horse Beach, MA

Great eye make-up remover

Non-greasy and a pleasant smell. I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and it can be easily irritated by eye make-up removers. I have had no adverse reactions to the Eye Makeup Remover by Vi Tae. Not much is needed, a few drops on a cotton ball. Highly effective in removing waterproof mascara & eye liner.

Estelle Blossvale, NY

Date night revitalized

Got this for my wife becuase we have been slacking on date nights. She hates putting on makeup but refused to go to nice restaurants without going the full 9 yards. Got her this mostly to prove a point but after she used this last night and started going on and on about it today I decided I should jump on here and write a review to let others know it works well and is a great value. Exact quote: "Takes the work out of cleaning off eye shadow."

Luann Deepwater, NJ

The Mandy Behind the Mask

I use Tarte Amazonian Clay mascara…it makes my lashes look like crazy, sexy long. But it is always a pain getting it off and I end up with Alice Cooper eyes. Well No More Mr. Nice Guy.This stuff is awesome. Most importantly to me is that the products I use do no harm. I’m spending money to look better, not to have some corporate BS marketing company convince me that rubbing cheap chemicals on my face is productive –I digress. This product is pure and healthy and makes me want to give up writing bad checks.It removes the Tarte mascara like a champ. I don’t have to rub ridiculously hard or stretch my sensitive eyes skin all out to get clean. It does what it says — leaves NO TRACE.Sample provided for review, and thank God they sent it because from now on I won’t live without it!

Teri Cowansville, PA

This stings my eyes- even when they are closed

I had a difficult time getting this product to work as described. Such a difficult time, that I wonder if I am curious if I have a reaction to any of the ingredients in it. Before describing my experience, I want to add that I switched things up and tried this remover with several different types of eye make-up from 100% fruit based mascara to drugstore mascara. The eyeliner varied from cheap drugstore to more expensive boutique liner. I also tried both fluffy cotton balls and thinner cotton pads. All had the same results.What happened is that, even if I kept my eyes closed, it stung. I also had some difficulty getting all of my eye liner off without tugging. If I used more product on the cotton pad, the stinging was worse. If I used less, even less makeup came off. May I add that the stinging was EXACTLY like it felt like the one unfortunate time that I actually did accidently open my eyes during makeup removal. Just don’t do it…really!!I’m giving tis 4-stars only because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or what is causing the stinging or clinging of the makeup to my face. There is no swelling or redness. Just stinging.

Angelina De Ruyter, NY

Dissolves the eye makeup away!

I read this product detail and thought water based yea right like that’s gonna work better but, I’ll try it out..I am glad I did! It is so different than the others and in a good way! It’s not greasy and it doesn’t just smear the eye makeup,it dissolves it. I thought it hadn’t worked at first when I looked at the pad and there wasn’t black stuff everywhere,but I looked at my eye and every last bit was gone!It’s good all around, it works great, it smells good and my skin is softer now too.

Ann Highland City, FL

Non-irritating makeup remover

Finally a product that lets you remove the make-up around your eyes without the risk of burning out your eyeballs! It’s safe and easy to use, and seems to work as advertised.It’s also not oily at all, which was my main problem with other eye area makeup removers.

Ella Raywood, TX

Where did it go???

This stuff works like magic takes off any eye makeup. No scrubbing needed. It just dissapeared leaving clean eyelashes 🙂

Mae Alta, CA

Love it, gentle, effective even for my waterproof makeup!

Tried this last night, wow, took off all eye waterproof makeup without irritating or pulling at skin!

Saundra Rensselaer, NY

Natural and good

I like natural products because they are better for you than things with chemicals. Vi-Tae has some good products, this one included. It doesn’t smell "chemically" and does the job without irritants.

Jeannine Odin, IL

Wonderful product!

I try to stay as natural as possible and this fits the bill. I don’t wear make-up but I do get out in our world and my face picks up whatever I am into. This is a gentle cleaner, lightly foams, that also smells nice. I have accidentally gotten it into my eyes, and while it wasn’t something I want to do everyday, unlike soap, it doesn’t make me cry for 20 minutes. My face is cleaner and softer than it has been since high school.

Louisa Highland Park, NJ

Great Product!!

I purchased the Vi-Tae Leave No Trace Eye Makeup Remover. I was surprised how easily it removes my makeup with no rubbing or scrubbing delicate eye skin. I found it didn’t burn or sting. I like that Vi-Tae doesn’t use strange chemicals and it is made with all natural ingredients. It didn’t leave an oily residue. I even liked the light chamomile smell. I feel good using this product and feel it is the best eye makeup remover I have ever used. I give it this product an easy 5 stars and highly recommend Vi-Tae Leave No Trace to every woman I know.

Myra Newhall, IA