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100% Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil 100 ml BY AAA Shea Butter

The Argan Tree, Argania spinosa from Sapotaceae family and grows only in Morocco. The trees can live from 150-200 years. For centuries traditional cosmetic products produced from Argania spinosa have been a well kept secret known only to Berber women in Morocco. Argan oil is believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world. To produce Argan oil for cosmetic use, freshly harvested kernels from the fruit of the Argan tree are pressed and filtered through an organic cotton sieve, to extract the aromatic oil. The Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin. This form of Argan oil is used for the treatment of dermatologic disease (acne, etc). Argan oil extracted by this method is used in Aromatherapy. In Europe, Argan oil has been used in the Aromatherapy industry for a long time, but for some reason it is not well known in the United States and is unavailable in retail stores. Argan oil has almost twice as much vitamin E or a-tocopherol as olive oil and it is much richer in linoleic acids. Its anti-ageing properties, due to high levels of vitamin E and saponins (which soften the skin), are well documented. Tocopherols are very important to human health because of their anti-oxidant actions and free radical scavenger affects. In traditional Moroccan medicine, Argan oil is used for the care of the body and face to counteract the effects of age or weather.

Key features

  • Use For: Reduces visible scars left by acne or chicken pox, Moisturizes dry skin
  • Reduces blemishes and slows down the appearance of wrinkles, Pormotes healthy skin
  • Helps protects skin elasticity, helps prevents stretch marks, Restores the shine of dull lifeless hair
  • Care of the scalp to advance hair growth and prevent split ends, Chapped and cracked skin
  • Reduces visible scars left by acne or chicken pox, Moisturizes dry skin

Honest reviews


Not extraordinary, just good

It’s oil, so it’s good for you. It is not bad, it does make your hair soft, but personally I don’t have wishes of soft whispy cotton fine hair, I don’t want soft hair, I want strong and thick hair and it does nothing for that.It is a softening and moisturizing agent for the skin, but do not expect for your wrinkles to disappear or for your face to look 10 years younger like some of the advertisements will have you believe. It’s just oil after all. Yes, it’s good, but not worth the $40+ price for 2 ounces.I have done extensive research on the internet about different organic oils, and I am convinced that Olive Oil is just as good, maybe even better and a whole lot cheaper with more uses than Argan oil.I’ve been using for comparison both products for about 2 months, and in my opinion the olive oil wins. Hope to have been of help.

Jody Fairfield, NJ

Something of a Miracle

I did not purchase this product from amazon but I just had to get on here and defend this product and company against their detractors.Some have claimed this is not really argan oil, that it is not “certifiable” or “certified”. All I know is that it states clearly on the ingredient list: “100% Organic Natural Virgin Cold Pressed Raw Argan Oil”. I can’t think of any reason why they would lie about that. But just for kicks, let’s say that there is a possibility that it is not 100% pure argan oil. I say, so what? This is a fine product regardless.I’ve only tried one other brand of argan oil, by Josie Maran. Where Josie Maran’s oil is colorless, odorless and very light in consistency, this one is yellowish, a bit thicker and with a distinct aroma that brings to mind the smell of olives. Both are excellent; this one’s less expensive. I use Josie’s on my face and this one on my body. I am 48 so of course my skin has some wear and tear from years of sun and natural aging. My arms had some rough dry patches that I had decided were beyond help after trying so many other things. I’ve been using this oil for two weeks now and what a remarkable improvement! Gone are the rough patches on my arms and dry flakiness on my legs. Not only that, I daresay it causes me to glow. The texture of my skin has not been this smooth and elastic since my early 20’s. I exfoliate first in the shower using just a regular shower puff. When I get out I shake out ten drops each for my legs; five drops per arm and a bit more for the rest of me. Then I smooth it in, rub a small amount of Kiehl’s body lotion on over it and wrap my bathrobe around myself to absorb extra moisture while I tend to my face and hair. I shower every other day and even on the third day my skin is still soft and smooth. I am hooked. I am not wild about the smell but it really does not last on the skin.Let me move on: This is great stuff for diminishing the appearance of scars. I burned my arm badly with an iron about a month ago and now that it has healed, the argan oil has smoothed out the scar. Ditto for the infected cat scratch on my hand. I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough, certifiable or not. It works wonders for me and while nothing can stop the march of time, this product can make the journey a great deal smoother!One more thing: I even use it to remove eye makeup and lipstick; it’s less greasy than the Vaseline I once used and better for the skin – does not irritate my extremely sensitive eyes. Truly an all-purpose product.

Olive Leesburg, NJ

Works pretty well but hate the smell

I have had this product for a good while and it works pretty well. I use it as a moisturizer on my face at night and use my regular moisturizer during the day since my face usually gets pretty oily on its own during hot weather. It moisturizers really well and an added benefit is that it has helped to reduce the scarring on my face left by previous acne that I’ve had. I also put it on a huge scar on my leg twice a day and the scar has lightened up also. It really helps to moisturize and reduce scars so I love it for that but I can’t stand the smell. I think they should mix it with something to help mask the smell or something.

Lesa Emerson, KY

I Love It!

Pure cold pressed Argan oil. Josie Maran is selling what she is calling Argan oil in a smaller bottle and is charging $50 for it. I use it on my hair and skin. It’s worth the price and AAA Shea Butter is a seller I trust.

Isabelle Kivalina, AK

Good oil, but not for my skin

I used this oil and it did a good job moisturizing my dry, damaged hair. However, this oil made me break out. I used it on my face very sparingly twice and both times I broke out. Not for my skin. I’ll continue to use it for my hair. The smell is unpleasant as well, but disappears after a while.

Natalia Webbville, KY

I love it!

I love it ! I use for face when I need in winter more often then in sumer I will buy more 🙂

Jerri Mason City, IL

great as both skin and hair moisturizer!

I have discovered argan oil several years ago, and have been using it ever since both as skin and hair moisturizer… either as a stand alone, or better yet, combined with raw unprocessed shea butter.Shea butter (the raw, unprocessed kind) by itself is just a bit too hard to dissolve in hands, so I melt some shea butter in a bowl (for that I do not use microwave, I prefer placing the bowl in the pot of hot water).Then I add argan oil (sometimes also raw organic coconut and/or avocado oil) and a hint of organic lavender oil to create the best natural skin and hair product I have experienced so far.(A side note: for some reason, if you let the melted mixture harden at room temperature, it becomes grainy and uneven and it’s not very pleasant to work with. For the best result, once it cools off, put it in refrigerator while it’s still liquid and leave it there for couple of hours to achieve really smooth, very easy to apply consistency).It also makes a great and unique home made gift for any girlfriend on your list, and I have reaped success with a gift like that repeatedly.What I really like is that both product (argan oil and shea butter) add a lot of moisture and shine to your skin or your hair without ever making it look greasy or feel oily.Highly recommended!!

Anne New City, NY


I would recommend this product to anyone who values the health of their hair and skin. This oil is wonderful for natural girls because its a great sealer and is lightweight. It had my hair looking healthier than ever!

Tameka Lewistown, PA

My favorite oil!

Argan can be used in the bath, in your hair, mixed with face serums..I like this product! ^t has a fresh nutty scent and not all argan products have that.

Antoinette Oak Creek, WI


This is quality Argan oil. It does not smell and comes in a dark bottle to protect from going rancid to quickly. I use it in my hair and skin concoctions and its living up to its reputation. I’ve purchased this product twice already and will continue to do so.

Hester Tensed, ID