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100% Australian Tea Tree Oil + FREE Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

100% Australian Tea Tree Oil + FREE Tea Tree Oil Soap Bar

Key features

  • FREE Tea Tree Oil Soap – 2.5 oz Size Bar
  • Perfectly Pure 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil – 2 oz.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil

Honest reviews


It is not the same product like on the photo

I gave it 3 stars because what I got is not the same as what is listed online. I will still keep it anyway because the product is the same as the Herbal Authority brand only it is $4.95 cents.(;=1361679850&sr;=8-1&keywords;=tea+tree+oil)The soap is $4.95 so that makes 10 bucks but they are selling it for $15 and that is not cool.;=UTF8&qid;=1361680086&sr;=1-10&keywords;=desert+essence+tea+tree+oilI will post update if this thing really works.Update 03/05/13I contacted Amazon about the issue with the photo and the wrong product and they just credit my account 5 bucks, if this is not excellent customer support than what is?

Leona Lorain, OH

So Worth Buying this! Sinus, Acne, Skin, Nail Bacteria Killer

I use tea tree daily, I suffer from chronic sinus infections from allergies so I use a neti pot once a day, twice a day during allergy season. I found that putting a couple of drops of tea tree in the neti pot along with the sinus packet and purified water (shake well) gets rid of most sinus infections and helps prevent against them by killing the bacteria/allergens that cause them. I also use tea tree directly on my head when my dandruff is bad in the winter or I mix it in my sulfate free tea tree shampoo when my dandruff is more mild and it works wonders. I was buying a tiny bottle of tea tree at my grocery store for 8 bucks every couple of weeks which was really adding up so I decided buying bigger bottles online would be a better investment cost wise. It definitely lasts a lot longer and I absolutely LOVE the free tea tree soaps. I bought two of these bottles so I could get two soaps. I use one and my boyfriend uses the other one. We both use it on our faces since we have blackheads and it really helps to tighten the skin and help with blemishes. I also suffer from chronic vaginal bacterial infections from a PH in-balance and I wash with this soap every other day and right after intercourse and it kills the infection and keeps it at bay.

Kelli Pineville, LA

Tea Tree Oil + Free Tea Tree Oil Soap Bars

I bought the products for my granddaughter and although her skin hasn’t cleared up yet, it does look better. It has been three weeks since she started using it. I’m hoping that with continued use, her skin will clear up completely

Concepcion Cement, OK

I got this for my itchy dog

I wash my dog with the soap and after rinsing well, I use the oil as a conditioning rinse. Really gives dog relief from itchy fungal infections caused by chewing on insect bites. She smells sweet, but won’t chew on the treated skin. Win/win!

Anne Mount Morris, NY

A fine product at a great price !

My husband loves it. I gave him a small make up brush to apply it to his toe nails that have fungus and it seems to be working.So far it is the o n l y product that showed promise.

Pansy Omega, GA