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Key features

  • 10 nail art display and practice wheels suitable for nail polish / nail decoration display!
  • Each wheel comes with 18 plastic nails
  • Size: 13 x 11 cm (5 1/4″ x 4 1/4″)
  • For professional studio use or home use

Honest reviews


Amazon needs more product info!

I order these nail displays and based on the picture it looks like you will get 5 clear displays and 5 white displays. YOU DO NOT! i only got the white displays that really upset me because colors look different with a white background. WHY DOESNT AMAZON GVE MORE PRODUCT DETAIL. I GET THAT THEY ARENT THE SELLER, BUT AS AN AMAZON CUSTOMER THIS UPSET. it would have been nice to have the option to pick, but thats what i get trusting amazon.

Tamika Linville, VA

I’m not a nail tech, but I have 200 wheels

If you have over 100 ( I have more than 300 now ) polishes, then you need to keep track of the colors by using some sort of nail wheels or sticks.I bought this to swatch and practice some nail art.I love them.Very practical.

Sonja Breckenridge, CO

All Clear Wheels

The wheels were all in good condition, very good quality. I got all clear wheels by picking clear from the drop down menu, not sure why others are having problems with that. I’ve cataloged all my nail polishes and couldn’t be happier.They also came in the mail very quickly, a definite plus.

Mariana Center Point, IA

Good value – nails are oddly shaped

These nail art wheels are very large and have room to write on them. The issues with them are that the nails are shaped a little weird – long and very oval. The nails are also too close together. This make it a little difficult to put designs near or on the edge of the nail without hitting the one next to it. Just for a polish palatte, it works great.

Ester Deloit, IA

They’re aiight. It’ll do!

So i ordered the clear set of nail wheels, but I received the natural ones instead. Not a big deal, I was planning on ordering the natural set in the future, but I was really interested in getting the clear ones to see what they are like. The nail wheel itself is a bit flimsy, since the plastic is thin. Like, if you were to step on it, if you dropped it on the floor, it might crack. Other than that, they fulfill their purpose of nail polish swatch-ing. I have around 70 bottles of polish – and after a while you forget about some colors, so I thought this would be a good way to organize and distinguish different shades of polish from each other (like reds).

Michael Vaughan, NC

Cheap quality, polish looks horrible on it.

Made from cheap plastic and imperfection is highly visible after applying polish. I use it for gel polish that requires LED lamp curing, the oval shape doesn’t fit most at-home lamps, so only the skinny side can be used. This item was shipped from Hong Kong and it took almost 2 months to arrive.

Julia Gilcrest, CO

Perfect for Nail Art Display

I bought these for practicing nail art designs with Gelish and acrylic paint. I am SUPER happy with the purchase. The nail is long and clear as pictured. I have no problem curing it under UV lights, lots of nails to practice on and 10 pallets in the order.

Dolores Adairville, KY

Overall they’re ok

I bought these really excited and when I got them I was a little disappointed. They are a lot flimsier than I thought they would be. Three of the nails had broken off of one of the wheels. Guess I was just lucky enough that they were all on one of the wheels instead of one here and one there. There were also quite a number of scratches on the wheels. I am using them to display my Shellac polishes so once the polish is on it and it evens out you cant see it anymore. I dont think i would use them to display any regular polish. They did come a lot faster than I thought they would, so that was a plus. Overall they are what you pay for. I am happy with them overall but I wouldn’t tell you you have to buy these ones.

Margie Cairo, MO

Love these nail wheels!

These are perfect to swatch nail polishes and practice nail art! They are also cheaper than you’ll find them in a beauty supply store.

Monika Sun City Center, FL

just as described….

These CLEAR nail wheels are just as described in the product description.They are very inexpensive and you get many wheels for a low price. A good deal!I think that for the money, they are worth it.Mine came from Asia and even though they took a while to arrive, the Sellers packed them very well and I was pleased.

Helga Sherwood, TN

Great for design practice

I bought these so I could practice doing nail art before doing it on my hand. These fit the bill just right. They are more of an oval shape rather than the round shape they look like in the photo. Not a big deal but in case someone is looking to have them stored in a round area they are not round. They were delivered ahead of schedule from NY. Overall I am very pleased.

Rosalia Beaumont, CA

Loved it!

I absolutely loved it! However, I got all clear, but I was completely okay with that since that’s what I usually work with. I’ll definitely buy them again.

Young North Waterford, ME

Cheaply made and flimsy.

I bought these about 2 years ago from this seller and loved them. I finally needed more so I bought 2 of these packages and finally got them in a few days ago. I was about to use them just now and found that they are way flimsier than my older ones that I had before. I feel like these might not hold up nearly as well as my others did. I will use them, but if I ever need these again I won’t be buying from here.

Lena Wapello, IA

Perfect for swatches

I review a ton of nail polishes and sometimes a girl just runs out of fingers. These are perfect to show off new colors and are great for getting macro shots. If you are reviewing a lot of polishes or just want to try new nail art ideas, these are for you.

Jean Waubay, SD


I was so glad to have found these for a great price on amazon. Great customer service. Came right on time even though they were sent from out of the country. Awesome for me to swatch all of my polishes so I know what all I have. This is great for color organization so you won’t purchase the same colors over.

Andrea Rains, SC

Practice wheels for nail polish

these are okay for price – and practicing your nail designs they send you a lot of them to use

Angeline Wayland, MI

Not exactly as pictured.

Instead of the clear wheels, all ten were white. This disappointed me because I decorate them for fun and wanted to do stained glass effect. nail polish doesn’t adhere to it as easily as a natural nail So you have to let it dry for a longer. It is satisfactory. Works perfectly for nail paint (acrylic). It’s a good deal for the price.

Maritza Allegany, OR

I am very happy

I have polished all my polishes on them and have combined polishes (layered) 2 nails as well. This is so much better than using my index cards. These actually keep the gloss instead of soaking the gloss into the paper. I have also taken fine tip marker and wrote on the back top of each nail the polish name(s) so I can repeat the look, and gave each color polish their own wheel. Plus one for misc. colors and one for twotone colors. I have one wheel to spare. Our of 200 I have only used 64. They came in tact no breaks and all are thick and nice to handle. When the time comes I will order again.

Leigh London, TX

Just like the ones in mail salons

I got the white ones (more like off-white) and I love them. I can’t wait to use them. I would have preferred the clear ones though.

Mildred Hays, KS

They work great

They work great. Their smooth and are great for practice. I would recommend this to anyone who is going to buy some.

Carissa Compton, AR

Long Wait, Some were Broken

That pretty much says it. I bought these to test colors and combinations of colors because I love to paint my nails. They took forever to come here from China and some were chipped and broken, but I can’t complain for the price. I need more text, so…I got the clear wheels so I could test the opacity of some polishes, among other things. When I want to try nail polish colors on a skin tone like mine, I find painting both sides with a light nude first is the best way to get an accurate result (paint the underside for faster dry time and more coats for the top) Then I label the colors I use and how many coats with a sharpie in the middle.

Tammy Louisville, AL

Perfect amount

I ordered the white ones because I figured that would display the nail colors best. And it does, I have about 50 some odd nail polishes, and I only used about 4 of the wheels, great buy is all I can say..

Gina Fort Ann, NY

These are pretty, but they’re not as nice as the white …

These are pretty, but they’re not as nice as the white ones. The nails are longer than I expected them to be. I also do not like that it is difficult to paint the bottom where your cuticle would be. I feel that you use more polish than with the smaller white ones. Everything looks so sheer when you use these. I would not buy them again but I think they’re okay.

Tara Webb, AL

does the job

great place to put my designs. paints evenly and very well. holds the designs and varnish and everything. only thing is is that its hard to find a place with or make a stand for. if the packaging was also a proper storing place id give it 5 stars but this product is still great to use to archive your designs long as you have a place to store them in besides the plastic baggy it came in.

Kimberlee Elliottsburg, PA

Exactly what I wanted

These nail wheels are great for making swatches of all my polishes. the only reason I took off one star is because when I tried to remove the polish with remover, it kind of "melted" a little so they are a one time use only product. All the other ones are quite sturdy and have not cracked or chipped.

Rachael Holly Ridge, NC

Nail Wheel

Perfect to keep track of all my color polishes so I don’t wind up buying duplicates which I have in the past.

Judi Orlando, OK

i love these wheels

i love these wheels and they are 10 not 1 wheel which you can use to display all your nail colors

Brittany Pierson, MI

Practice, Practice

This is a wonderful way to practice your nail art or to display your nail art in an easy to work with disc.

Leticia Newark, NJ


I bought these to get accurate swatch wheels for my nail polish collection and to practice nail art. They came promptly and in quality packaging. A few wheels had extra plastic at the end of some nail tips, but that was to be expected. As for swatching, these do perfectly.Unfortunately, nail polish remover doesn’t clean off these wheels as well as it should and creates a permanent stain on the nail. I wouldn’t recommend these to people who plan on reusing them with different colors on the same nail.

Adrian Blooming Glen, PA

i got natural

if you use alot of sheer nail polish you might wanna use the clear but these r great. a must have for nail polish lovers

Irene Topton, NC