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10 Wheels Premium Manicure Nail Art Decorations Total of 15000 Gems By Cheeky®

Cheeky 10 Wheels Super Set of Nail Art Decorations.

Key features

  • 10 Wheels Premium Manicure Nail Art Decorations Total of 15000 Gems By Cheeky?

Honest reviews


Rhinestones with wheels

I love these .. I love looking good and my nails is one thing I like doing these are so cute just the right size not too much and love perfect for the girl that likes to look her best!

Patrica Orondo, WA

Good so far

These are smaller than I imaged but that’s not too much of a set back, although a lot of the wheels are very similar, I thought there would be more size and shape variety, but regardless they should all work great.

Lupe Richardson, TX


i got this product in less than a week ! amazing! great sparkles! loads of them too! love them and great for nail designs! will buy again!

Latasha Belvidere, NC


This is a great addition to anyone’s home nail salon. The rhinestones looks really nice. They are just the right size.

Leta Raymore, MO

More doubles than I thought

It’s pretty hard to tell in the stock images, but you aren’t getting 10 different wheels. Three of the wheels were the same round gems in the same colors. Then the two wheels of colored shapes have the same color/shape combos. I.e. both had purble hearts, blue squares. Overall it’s not a huge deal, I can give the doubles to a friend that also does nail art.The actual wheels themselves are great. Nice and tight against the dividers, keeping everything in the right spots. They came in a ziploc baggie, wrapped up very well, no sliding around getting broken!

Josefina Olanta, SC

Birthday present for my 14 year old

The containers are quite small and to be very tiny gems. The colors do not stay separated at all… but the selection is nice. I wish is were better packaged.

Chelsea Kittitas, WA


These help the creations I do for every holiday have a little more sparkle and grad more attention, I think that they a glamour look to everything.

Arlene Grand River, IA

Packaged wonderfully but….

I love these gems, and the price is right, but I lost a few of the gems because they spilled out during shipment. These were packaged well, i’m sure there was nothing more they could do to stop the spillage, since the were wrapped tightly and they still spilled out…

Lula Bella Vista, CA

5***** STARS for this COLLECTION

Product arrived very well packaged with a huge assortment of BEAUTIFUL Nail Art in a variety of designs and colors.This collection of nail art is definately worth every penny paid, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for nail art lovers.

Sheree Castro Valley, CA

10 wheels

These came within 2 weeks or so. They where well packaged nothing loose or rhinestones not out of any packages etc. these are so great. The colors are very clear and very bling bling. Good quality. Will buy more for sure price is right.

Christi Bainbridge, PA


I ordered the crystals and what I received was beyond my expectations. There were ten containers filled with different colors and shapes and there was no mix ups! I will definitely order more and highly recommend this product.

Maribel Clarksville, MI