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10 Sheets Nail Art French Tips Stickers Form Fringe Guides

If you’re a professional nail artist stock up on your French Manicure guides with this pack of sticky. Nail tip guides help you paint your fingernails with perfect lines. Recreate your favorite designs as seen on Pinterest!! No more trying to cut tape – just peel off and stick on your nails. How to use: 1. Peel one guide off the sheet (tweezers work best) 2. Place directly onto nail bed or on fully dry layer of polish 3. Paint your design over guide 4. Allow to dry completely 5. Remove guide and discard Color:show as picture. What is in the package: 10 x sheet (48pcs) of fingernail stickers

Key features

  • Create designs seen on pinterest;Easy to apply and remove
  • Lines are perfect and crisp for every time use
  • The guides are flexible and perfect for use on both finger and toes nails
  • Material: PVC;Size:17×3.75mm/0.66×0.14inch
  • Leegoal bulk packing with good quality warranty.

Honest reviews


Don’t bother

They are too small for use…total waste of money. The stickers don’t come off the page without ripping and when they do they don’t have enough adhesive to make a seal so when you polish it runs under the sticker. It looks like they were made ten years ago and pulled out to be put on sale. I don’t like bashing people but I must be honest.

Tami Ten Sleep, WY

I like them

I like to do french tips in all kinds of colors. These make a nice crisp edge. They seem to be just sticky enough.

Margie Gile, WI

Love em!

Love these french tip guides. Easy to apply and easy to peel off. Make sure you have them pressed down well. If not the polish will seem underneath them and your line will not be straight. If they are on correctly you will have a great french manicure. Found them easy to use.

Jeannine Perry, MO

Looks good

What I received looks just like the picture in the listing. They look like they’ll fit any nail size. There looks to be around 50-60 in each sheet, and 10 sheets so these should last my wife awhile. The price is just right for what you get. She’ll be able to do her nails maybe 50 times with this set. They came well packaged except for one sheet that was folded over. I’m not sure if that will affect her using that sheet or not, but it looks ok to me. I would recommend this as a nice cheap gift for someone who likes doing their nails, or just for yourself.

Ericka Hampton, IA

Okay, Not Easy to Apply

I like the French nails, so I though I would save money and do mine myself at home. These stickers are not easy to place on the nails using fingers alone. Easier to place on the nails with a small tweezer. If they go on straight, then it is possible to get a good French tip on the nail. I don’t use them as much anymore since I switched to Gel nails, but I plan to keep the sheets because they are a good bargain for the price. The longer your nail the easier they are to place. Very short nails pose a problem with placement.

Juliet Blunt, SD

Nail tip guide

I love these tip guides, i cant do my tips manuall so these are perfect. This is my second time ordering them so yes I will order them again, as soon as I run out, they stick in place very good and peel off perfect.

Sue Kathryn, ND

item as described but small

These nail tip guides came in on time but are smaller that I would like. I have been having issues with my local walmart being out of the guides so I ordered some…they are not as long and just barely fit across my thumb.

Marcie Tifton, GA

Works like a charm!

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could do a French manicure. Using these tips stickers makes the job easy and flawless. I was amazed how beautiful my manicure looked like. A salon’s look!

Erna Hayesville, NC

good product

i was happy with the way it had a light stick… hard getting in the crease of my nails but that was cause i was being lazy LOL but over all i liked this product it was shipped in good time. def well worth the price. go to sallys and you will see that this is a deal!!

Raquel Millersburg, OH