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10 Pcs Wearable Nail Soaker Acrylic Polish Remover Tool

10 Pcs Wearable Nail Soaker Acrylic Polish Remover Tool

Key features

  • 100% Brand New.
  • Material: Rubber, Plastic.
  • Size: 4cm*2.3cm.
  • Color: Pink.

Honest reviews



These do work well to soak off gel polish but they do leak. I learned that you have to pour only 1/2 full before you stick your finger in. Be sure to have paper towels on hand! These were quite a bit easier than the foil wraps and the Acetone can be poured back into the bottle after use.

Claudine Athens, NY

Great and easy to use!

Great product doesn`t waste product. Also easy to clean and disinfect but recommend buying two sets just in case you lose one of them or you have back to back clients needing them..

Margo De Soto, IA

They don’t leak

These are great. However, I found it impossible to do all 10 fingers at once, because you need a free hand to scrape off the gel polish and this is best done by removing one finger at a time since it only works if you scrape the stuff off as soon as removing it from the acetone. You can wander around with these on unlike a tray where you have to sit there.

Carolyn Roscoe, PA

Nail soakers

I highly recommend this product. Great for soaking off gel/acrylic nails. This has saved me so much time and money. No wasting remover.

Jerry Playas, NM

nail soakers

i love mine! I use them all the time to soak off both acrylics and gel polish. so much nicer then using a bowl of acetone!

Cora Kanosh, UT

Nail Soakers

I do like the Wearable Nail Soakers for nail Polish remover they work great.The only thing that I wish they had a flatter bottom so they could stand up better. They tip over so easily. I do recycle the Acrylic Polish remover. Waist not want not lol. For the money you can not go wrong.

Violet East Freetown, MA

Completely useless…

These things do NOT work at all, AND they leak fingernail polish remover everywhere !!! Do not waste your money!

Josefa Hastings, OK