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10 Pairs of Reusable Natural & Regular Long False Eyelashes

Experience this natural looking false eyelashes for your evening date, party, or prom! Make your eyes look bright and attractive! The eyelashes are long enough, which allows them to be trimmed and shaped to fit the contour for you eyes. The 100% hand made product is reusable when you remove it properly.

Key features

  • 100% Brand new and hand made
  • This item is reusable if used and removed properly
  • Long enough that can be trimmed to fit the desire length
  • Suitable for evening date, party, prom, etc.
  • Package includes: 10 Pairs of Natural Eyelashes. NOTE: Eyelash adhesive NOT included.

Honest reviews



When you open them, they have no shape or anything, so you have to flex them yourself. With that being said, these lashes are for people who have the thickness that they desire already and are looking for length. I found my expectations were perhaps too high. They are very natural looking but they do not make my eyes pop the way I’d like. I prefer Ardell for that purpose. They are reusable, but do you really need to reuse a pair when you have so many?In the end, I thought them to be boring for events/special occasions and better for everyday wear. I did get complimented on them but I would not purchase again. So if you want everyday lashes, I guess these would be what you’re looking for. If you want just a little more umph (still without the fake look), go with Ardell 110/113.Remember you get what you pay for 🙂

Elise Dorena, OR


Worst eyelashes ever. you have to cut them to fit your own eye, the band in which the lashes are attached is really thick and heavy and hard to wear on ur eyes. to make these manageable i had to trim the band and the sides. waste of time and money. try ardells those are nice

Meagan Howard, OH

I’d Buy it Again 🙂

This product came in like 3 days after i placed the order, which was surprisingly fast! The eyelashes itself are beautiful. It looks kinda plastic-y when you first see it but once its on it looks long and flirty. I recommend these and I’m definitely buying another box 🙂

Sarah Mountville, SC

Not worth it

I knew these were cheapy lashes, but no thank you. Never again. I have had cheap lashes that were better than this. They look awful, the glue refuses to stick and I have very expensive glue. I bought these a long, long time ago and I am sad to say the box still sits FULL in my make-up drawer.

Marva New Bedford, MA

NOT Natural looking!

These eyelashes are NOT natural looking whatsoever. They’re quite long and sparse, and very obviously plastic, so they can’t blend in with my natural lashes. I tried layering them and that made them look more like normal fake eyelashes- but still not natural looking.Other reviewers complained that the band was too stiff and I have to agree. Even after I bent and wiggled them, they remained stiff and uncomfortable.On the other hand, they ARE super cheap, so if you just need a cheap pair to wear for a short period of time, these might be okay.

Alexandra Greenbush, MA

Good customer service

I know what I said before but it was before I received a call from them. This is a good gesture as long as they are willing to work with the customer I will give them another chance.

Maritza Benham, KY

Not natural looking

They were cheap so I gave it a shot but these lashes definitely need some modification to wear.The band isn’t all black so it’s really obvious you’re wearing falsies.The band is also like cardboard, extremely itchy, heavy, and uncomfortable to wear.The lashes themselves just look very fake when they’re on.I’d spend a few more dollars and get something I can actually wear out next time.

Jami Woodstock, VA

Ok quality

It all depends on how you feel about the look of your lashes. Product is plastic so for me to like a natural look it doesnt really work for me.

Sherry Gustine, TX

Fantastic and Great Price

I bought 3 boxes of these to use for my bachelorette party and wedding. They were priced so well and arrived on time. I just had to buy some glue since this doesn’t come with glue. I would put them on all my friends when when we were partying it up for my bachelorette. Then I used them on the entire wedding party. Saved so much money this way. My make-up artist was going to charge me $15 a set! Of course these are not the quality you would find at a make-up counter…but they worked fabulously and lasted. They didn’t come off until we took them off. Then we just threw them away!

Tiffany Booth, WV

Four Stars

Looks so natural and even if there not human hair they look really good

Hilda Lower Brule, SD

Great lashes..

These are simple to adjust to your size and very easy to wear. I would definitely recommend this item. Thank you & I will buy again.

Annette Foreston, MN

Okay lashes

First of all, know one thing…. These are plastic (“fiber”) lashes. Knowing that, you won’t be disappointed when you get them in the mail. They are not human hair… Nothing like adrell lashes that you buy at the local store. But with that being said, these are not bad. For the price, what do you expect? With any set of false lashes, you have to trim them to fit your eye. The band is stiff (because it is “fiber”) but just wrap it around your finger and move it around to make it more flexible… easy fix. I personally like to cut one strip in half and wear one half on the end of one eye and the other on the other eye. The BEST glue for ANY false lash is Duo adhesive… Revlon glue isn’t so bad… everything else is crappy (my opinion). For the price it is not bad at all and the seller is very responsive and kind. Hope this helps.

Kayla Bomont, WV