10 Pairs of Natural & Regular Long False Eyelashes with Bonus Adhesive

Experience this natural looking false eyelashes for your evening date, party, or prom! Make your eyes look bright and attractive! The eyelashes are long enough, which allows them to be trimmed and shaped to fit the contour for you eyes. The 100% hand made product is reusable when you remove it properly. This item includes one 1.5 inch size adhesive. Winstonia guarantees your purchase is fully satisfied, we provide a 30 days money guarantee including shipping! Only when you purchase with Winstonia!

Key features

  • 100% Brand new and hand made
  • Long enough that can be trimmed to fit the desire length
  • Suitable for evening date, party, prom, etc.
  • Natural eyelashes give your eyes natural regular look.
  • Package comes with BONUS adhesive glue!! Glue length: 1.5inch

Honest reviews



this are really good they don’t look fake like some other ones the look natural so if you like the natural looking eyelashes then this is for you i will buy this again !!! i love this eyelashes

Sierra Westborough, MA

so disappointing…

like the other reviews said the band isn’t very flexable and is very thick and black. i never tried the adhesive. if it weren’t for the rigid thick band these would be very pretty lashes. which makes these even more disappointing.

Stephanie Gould, OK

just fine for the price

Of course these lashes aren’t going to be perfect, but they are affordable, and for me they worked just fine. They were my first false lashes, and they didn’t give me any trouble. Yes you do have to trim the sides off a little but I didn’t see that as a problem. and I didn’t have any complaints about the glue. I liked the length, I just felt they were a little too thin, as you can tell from the picture. they add length but not much volume. Not the best falsies out there, but still better than none at all. I won’t buy them again because since then I’ve bought my own lash glue, but I really don’t have any complaints.

Sue Randolph, NY

OK Bulk Lashes

I like these but there is room for improvement. They are a bit too long for me so I have to trim them which sorta ruins the look of them. The best thing to do is cut them in half and wear them on top of your outer eyelashes, they hold their shapes for a couple more wears this way too. I won’t buy them again but for the price I wasn’t expecting something life changing in my makeup routine.

Noelle Glen Daniel, WV


i was too afraid to try these at first because theyre so wide and different than other lashes ive gotten, and when i finally tried them they look too fake…they’re like synthenic lashes, and you definitly wanna go for the real human hair lashes

Young Brush Creek, TN