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10 Pair Long Black False Eyelashes Eye Lashes Makeup

10 Pair Long Black False Eyelashes Eye Lashes Makeup

Key features

  • Package include: 10 pairs eyelashes
  • Without glue
  • Material: fiber
  • Make your eyes look bright and attractive
  • Eyelashes color: Black

Honest reviews


Just lashes.

These lashes are just okay. They aren’t the best, but also, not the worst. They are a little rigid and not pliable to fit any eye shape. They are sort of generic. I don’t wear them much, I’ve bought several others and still haven’t used all of these because they are the last ones I consider. I would buy them if you’re looking for some back up pairs for emergencies, but I wouldn’t buy them in anticipation to wear them for some big event.

Michele Saint Vincent, MN

Eye lashes

These eyelashes work great for my Fall needle felting pumpkin projects I make at home. All of my pumpkins get faces made on them and some of the girl pumpkins really stand out with their long curly lashes, very cute. Thanks again.

Rosario Latty, OH

Money saver!

I got this bulk pack of eyelashes in the mail today! It came in a long, thin, white box with a clear heart to see the eyelashes in! It even has adorable packaging! I was in the middle of getting ready for my day anyway (I wear false eyelashes everyday) so I decided to throw my older ones away and try on a new pair of these! They’re sturdy and I know will last a long time! This whole package was the price (including shipping) of ONE pair of lashes from the usual chain stores! I will only order these from now on! I know I will be saving money from these! Thank you so much to this distributor!

Tisha Tulsa, OK


For the low price of the product it is not bad. They took some time to arrive but they were worth the wait. This is my 3RD time ordering them. I CUT mines as they were a little to bulky for my like but other than that they hold well, look great and I was able to wear more than once.

Ernestine Noel, MO


I love full and crazy lashes. And this was perfect for me. It wasn’t heavy like I thought it would be, it was actually very light. I will buy more soon!

Jean Falconer, NY

okay for the price

Downside: These eyelashes are plastic and cheaplooking. Plus, like other reviews said, they came in crushed around the sides. Mine had an extra cherry on the top – someone’s strand of hair stuck in one of the slots of the eyelashes :S. The eyelashes themselves are rather garish looking, but if you are looking for something dramatic and affordable though not really an “investment”, then these do their job okay.Pros: 10 pair of these = the cost of one pair of more expensive and higher quality lashes. If you are looking for quantity over quality, these are for you. If you are looking for a pair of lashes to reuse and invest in, and that will look natural and feel natural, then I’d recommend Darkness lashes or all-time favorite Ardell.

Kimberley Elkwood, VA

Awesome deal!

Awesome deal pretty great lashes for the price. Package was a little smooshed but nothing to crazy and lashes weren’t damaged at all.

Pansy Charlotte Court House, VA

Very Nice

The packaging is great and every easy access to each set. They are very nice, but not of human hair and I did not expect that for the price I was paying. I will say they look good with a very well made up eye. Reusing them has been very easy also. A little washing off of the glue and back in the tray. I would buy these again.

Gussie Wellsburg, NY


I just received these in the mail today and these particular one’s are nice but a lil thick but all in all they are legit my sister ordered the natural ones and those are much better for daily use and you can definitely re-use these more than a few times. i would order these again but the natural one not the thick ones unless you like that look.

Alana Carterville, IL


They’re pretty good actually. I just hate how neither side of the lashes are distinct to which side goes in the inner corner. And the packaging is misleading, You’re supposed to use the two up and down from each other not next to each other. I figured that out the hard way.

Florine Clarita, OK

very flimsy lashes

these lashes are a little too weak for me I need a little more strength.I don’t have any eyelashes at all so maybe for someone with lashes they might be great

Allyson Wrentham, MA