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1 Lb Zenia Brand Pure Rajasthan Henna Powder 2011 crop


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good product, quick shipping, all natural semi permanent hair dye

This henna was very smooth and easy to apply. Dye release was achieved in about 6 hours with the help of warm water around the bowl (be careful not to get to hot or you’ll destroy the red dye). I left it on for 3 hours until it started to drip annoyingly. I recomend using this product in tandem with Cassia so the red is lighter and your natural highlights show better. Also a small amount can be added to conditioner for a glaze that will still leave you with a bright red tone. Look around online for recipes and tips, there is a lot of info out there. Overall satisfied with the product, lots of bang for the buck.

Louisa Offerle, KS


I’m actually suprised this henna worked so well because of the low price and because this brand is marketed as hair dye (usually means weaker henna or henna mixed with various other chemicals) but I found this left a better stain than my usual brand (jamila) and dye release was very fast as well, also it smells and looks pure. I love it and I will come back for more. I decided this is my new favorite brand. :] I used it with the indigo (also cheap and by this brand) to get a very natural looking chocolate brown. :]

Yesenia Pease, MN

Henna for Hair

Used this to condition my hair and to refresh my natural auburn color. I made my henna with a black tea/camomile tea infusion, combined with a bit of watered down lemon juice, and some rosemary hair oil and cinnamon. These choices were made so it wasn’t too drying and so the tones added to my hair would be less orange-y and more auburn in color. I mixed it to the consistency of cake batter, and let it sit overnight. I carefully sectioned my hair into 10 sections and applied it bit by bit all over, starting at the roots. Make sure you wear gloves or you will regret it. I wrapped my head with plastic and let it sit for 1 hr 30 minutes, and washed it out using copious shampoo and conditioner. Just it that brief amount of time, my color was brightened and my hair was mirror glossy. The smell of wet hay was cut down by using the cinnamon and rosemary oil. I will do this again when my hair needs to be brightened up.

Patrica Prospect, NY

lovely henna

This is a lot of henna for a great price. It was 15 or 16 dollars when I got it. A few other girls I know have bought it too. I think right now it’s unavailable. But I hope this company comes out with more Rajasthan henna soon. It gives a nice darker, cooler red than say jamila that always looks orange orange. It took about 3 applications (over a 6-12 months period) to get it to darker to how I want. I’m too busy to keep doing henna over and over.A great trick with this is to freeze it in batches, let one of the batches thaw where it’s almost all the way squishy, then re-freeze it and let it thaw completely again. That gives an amazing dye release.I mixed mine with 100% apple juice from costco.

Fran Wilton, CT

Great Henna & covers greys!

Shipping was super fast and it covered my greys!!This was my 3rd time hemming my hair (naturally a dirty dishwater blonde.) The first two times was with BAQ from Henna for Hair, but it is expensive. I tried this brand and it is awesome. Same color payoff, still gets ride of my frizz, and loosens my annoying waves. Plus, at this size I will be able to color my hair for probably the next year!What I have been doing:I use dirty hair. What’s the point of washing it to put mud in it? Mix my henna (4tablespoons – I have chin length hair – a cap full of lemon juice and water to mashed potato constancy in a large zip lock bag. Kneed the bag til it all mixed.. Put the pag in an old big yogurt container with a paper towel under it and put the lid on. I heat up something in the microwave for a few minutes, then place my henna in the microwave that is now warm and just let it sit. A few hours later, the paper towel should be orange to show dye release. You can do your hair then or the next day. I have 4 kids, so I get to it when I get to it!When I am ready to color, I add Suave or V05 protein free conditioner to the ziplock bag and kneed it again until it’s the consistancy I want. (I use protein free b/c my hair is protein sensitive. Without it, the henna will turn my hair to straw. It also helps to cover the smell.) I cut the end off the ziplock bag & use it as a pipping bag to squeeze it into a hair color bottle I got at Sally’s that I reuse. Put my old tank top on & place an old towel on the bathroom sink. Then use a cheap Chapstick and outline around my hair line & ears. I put on my yellow kitchen rubber gloves & begin. Using a rat tail comb to part my hair as I go. Once my scalp is done, I use my hands to smosh in the rest to my length. Pile it on top of my head clean up my ears, neckline, or anywhere else I missed. Then take a long piece of Saran Wrap to cover my head and put a turban type towel over top to hold in heat. It i made it too thin, I add a towel around my shoulders to catch the drips. I usually only leave it on for 2 hours. Last night I was lazy and left it on for 5 hours. There was no difference in the color in the time.I rinse out what I can in the shower. Then add tons of the suave or v05 & rinse again. Usually about 3 times. When I’m finished, I add a tiny dollop of suave again as a leave in conditioner. It’s usually somewhere between clown orange when I’m done, but I’ve learned not to panic….it will darken & go deeper. I’m a stay at home mom, but if the bright orange at first bothers you, do it on a Friday night & your color will be pretty by Monday morning.I only wash my hair by cowashing or Condition-shampoo-condition method & I do not experience any drying or straw feeling hair this way. They say to not wash your hair for three days, but I have washed it the next day without any problems or rinsing away the color. I have been repeating this about every 4-6 weeks, as I hate roots showing.Another tip is to get an auburn eyebrow pencil, so you don’t look like you dyed your hair!While my parents hate my color, both have commented on the shine & condition of my hair. My hubby likes it & says it’s really soft. I really like it! The first time I was going for strawberry blonde and got orangey-red & it felt like straw. After playing around with it, I like it. It’s soft, shiny, and healthier. I plan on keeping it up. If I get tired of the auburn, I’ll add some indigo & go to brown. No more blonde, as I heard it will turn orange or green!Good luck, have fun, and remember it’s only hair!

Rosalind Greensboro, VT