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1 Inch Wide Funny Girl Designs Satin Headband


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For the price this is really worth it , it is a beautiful color and looks great doesn’t hurt or squeeze use head!!

Fanny Mojave, CA

My daughter luvs it!

Nice headband for my daughter. The turquoise is reallypretty and is like satin. It also holds her hair in place quite nicely!

Kimberlee Manchester, MN

Perfect headbands!

These come in a perfect assortment of colors, they are not so tight they give me a headache, and yet they stay put. They say they’re for little girls, but I am an adult and they fit perfectly. They are well made. Perhaps they’re satin over leather? I will say however that the navy is a little “royal”, but you can still pull it off with a navy ensemble. I highly recommend.

Opal Saint James, NY

Worked out well for what I needed it for but…

Worked out well for what I needed it for but it did not hold up to daily continuous use. The inner lining started to degrade the glue that held it there started to come through and become a tacky mess. I had to toss it.

Karla Mc Kinney, TX


Good for the price. Comfortable to wear. The band itself feels a bit flimsy, like some of the other reviewers mentioned. However, you can wear it for hours without hurting your head.

Pat Endeavor, PA

VERY bright red

It’s a decent enough band, but the red is VERY bright… almost on the orange end of the red scale. (One person commented to me that they thought it was coral. I don’t agree with that, but it’s a bit different than the photo.)

Lynette Kennewick, WA