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#1 Hair Growth Shampoo – Hair Regeneration System – For Hair Loss, Scalp Treatment and Dandruff Relief in Men and Women – Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo 8oz Bottle – Great for Preventing Hair Loss in the Future – 100% satisfaction guarantee

Only The Best! Made exclusively for those who seek exceptional results, Formula 500 is a highly concentrated two-stage formula containing essential oils, vitamins, nutrients and clinically studied extracts. We guarantee the potency and purity of all our products, and Formula 500 is no exception. Formula 500 is the only system that effectively provides clinically studied ingredients in a precise ratio designed to reproduce results seen in relevant clinical studies. – Cutting edge research. – Best results in short periods of time. – Grow your hair back fast. How Does PRI Formula 500 Work? Formula 500 contains over 15 different clinically studied extracts, combined with essential oils, vitamins and other nutrients, designed to address the problem of hair-loss and thinning hair. Why PRI? Our unique proprietary complex is designed to systematically restore natural hair growth in two stages, using both the shampoo and conditioner for maximum results. Hair loss is caused by inflammation within the hair follicle itself. Our proprietary complex formula is designed to restore a natural state of healthy circulation to the follicles, resulting in noticeable growth as well as thicker, fuller hair. Quality Guaranteed Every Formula 500 system manufactured for the Phoenix Rejuvenation Institute is made within a FDA Approved and GMP certified facility. Good Manufacturing Process Standards are the highest and most stringent guidelines in the nutritional supplement industry. At the Phoenix Rejuvenation Institute we work relentlessly to provide the consumer with only the highest potency, highest purity, and most effectively absorbed formulations available to the consumer today.

Key features

  • Breakthrough Hair Regeneration System.
  • Advanced Therapy for thin hair, receding hair line and hair loss.
  • Contains a proprietary complex of vitamins and uniquely effective extracts designed for optimal results.
  • Dual stage, Shampoo and Conditioner containing highly concentrated extracts.
  • Made with pride in the USA.

Honest reviews


Bought for my son

My son is in his mid forties and has thinning hair. I have given this to him to try.I will report back at a later date after he has used it for a while.

Rebecca Bronaugh, MO

to the roots

This not only cleans great but you have a fuller bouncy hair

Mina Placedo, TX

DON’T BUY! Made my hair frizz and fall out!

The product contains a lot of Salt! It makes your hair and scalp really dry and makes hair fall out! I used this product 3 times and each time I’ve experienced tremendous hair fall! The bottle has a sticker that says "get a free bottle by calling this number" which probably redirects you to leaving fake positive feedback. This shampoo is junk I want my money back!

Judy North Norwich, NY


I did receive this product for free but that does not mean that my review is biased. My husband has started using it and he has noticed some hair growing back!

Naomi Sunnyside, UT

Great Growth Shampoo!

This works better than Rogaine for my Husband! He really likes it and says he saw results very quickly. Very good product and will definitely keep using it and see what happens in the long run!

Olivia Santa Teresa, NM

Thicker hair, but no visible regrowth

My hair isn’t growing back as much as I had hoped. It does seem to help thicken my hair a bit but the areas where it’s really thin don’t seem to be getting noticeably thicker. My scalp is a little sensitive to air after use so it definitely makes me feel like it’s removing a lot of oil and toxins allowing my skin to breath. I have no complaints other than it’s just one more hair regeneration product that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Jesse Belden, MS


Got for a male friend – he says he is seeing a bit of difference in the thickness of his hair. He like the product

Silvia Shawneetown, IL

Fingers crossed

my husband just started using this product as I am sure it takes awhile to get results he loves the shampoo…leaves what hair he has soft and smells good

Pauline Kings Beach, CA

So far so good!

We were interested in this shampoo for dandruff relief and it’s very effective at it. Doesn’t burn or smell chemically but cuts down on the itching and flaking. Thanks for the great product!

Susan Caddo, TX

Racing For Hair

Racing For Hair, that is how I feel now that my hair is thinning and falling out. Since using this shampoo my hair does look more full bodied when I step out of the shower and dry it. I feel good about it!

Eddie East Jordan, MI

No tingling, nice minty smell.

I can’t say that I "love it" yet, because I’ve only used this shampoo a few times. I normally use a competing brand and they are very similar to smell and lather. It has a pleasant minty smell similar to that of Listerine. It leaves your hair feeling clean without residue. I noticed zero tingling on my head when using it.

Bernadine North Clarendon, VT


I’ve been using this product for only a week now and already notice the difference in my dry scalp. Plus I’m not losing hair anymore! Worth the money that’s for sure. I’m a heart patient and have to be careful about what product to use and this is very safe for me. I’d recommend this to all my family and friends.

Annie Dwarf, KY

So far so good!

I purchased this for my husband, and he has been using for about a week. We have yet to see the long term effects that are needed with a product like this, but so far so good. He has dry scalp and hair loss, so this product claims to help with both. The dry scalp has gone down some, so I can attest to it helping with this issue. It lathers nicely, has great packaging, and my husband is happy.

Beatrice Martinton, IL

I tried it and I like that it cleansed my hair

I tried it and I like that it cleansed my hair. I do not know yet if I am experiencing any hair growth however I am going to continue using it. It suds up very well and gives your hair a wonderful clean feeling. I do notice my hair is stronger so I do feel it has helped in that area.

Winifred Seymour, IA

Great Shampoo

I got this for my friend E. He is losing his hair and want to try this shampoo. He love it so far. Smell good and feel that help with dandruff. He recommend it.

Edwina Blawenburg, NJ

not the best

Wont buy again. Product didnt do anything for my hair. hair felt dry.

Aida East Carondelet, IL

Really Works!

I got this for my husband. He complains he is loosing is hair so he started using it immediately. He swears that he can see the difference and definitely helping him with his hair loss. I use it more because it works great on my oily hair.

Marisa Sinks Grove, WV

Just as advertised

have been using this product a week and have started to see subtle changes in the hair at the top of my head becoming fuller. Also I have dry scalp and the shampoo works wonders on my scalp in moisturizing it.

Geri Utica, MO

Loving this shampoo!

I have been using the shampoo for a few days now. It smells really nice and lathers up really nicely. It leaves my hair feeling very clean and fresh. I am looking forward to seeing the great results soon!

Jeanne Pukalani, HI

so far so good

Well since I’ve been using this shampoo – I definitely have noticed that my hair is thicker and fuller and has a nice shine to it and my scalp isn’t as itchy and dry as it was…so I’m looking forward to more great results iwth continued use!

Chris Battle Creek, IA

A lot of ingredients inside.

I started taking biotin for it’s potential help with hair and decided to try a this shampoo.I very pleased with the shampoo, it has a nice very faint fragrance, suds up nicely and leaves the hair feeling clean and refreshed, and easy to work with.As reflected in its name, this shampoo is rich in vitamins, which stimulate hair growth at the scalp.Other ingredients include which help to curb hair loss and thicken lifeless hair.This shampoo is especially effective for people with oily scalps.Recommended.

Victoria Orient, IA

Husband loves it

My hubby likes this product. Seems like his hair are becoming fuller and thicker. It is very important so he won’t be confused of his hair loss anymore.

Ola Hanceville, AL

Hair Regrowth Nirvana!

This is a great product, I have fine, thin hair with a lot of fall out and loss. This product is high quality, did NOT make my hair fall out and left it shiny and manageable. Great ingredients. I will repurchase, thank you!

Ivy Grover, CO

nice lather and easy to rinse

I definetly noticed a difference in my hair and scalp – relieved the dryness and my hair looks full and shiny…nice lather and easy to rinse…no complaints!

Natalie Ayr, ND

great for hair regeneration

I love this shampoo & yes it helps in hair regeneration, I can see the difference in my hair, it definitely does help in hair loss trouble in very short time. It has all natural ingredients in it which I love & works great if you have oily scalp

Gertrude Gardner, CO

Like it

I have been using the shampoo for a couple weeks now and don’t plan on stopping! My hair is noticeably thicker and feels stronger. I have had less breakage. It smells good and lathers great!

Lilian Valley Spring, TX


Gave it to my husband who has been balding.. Not only did he love the smell but felt tingly on his scalp like a personal massage.. great shampoo.. Love it

Natasha Sunland Park, NM

This is helping my dandruff so much.

This is helping my dandruff so much. And with my recent weight loss surgery and my concern of thinning hair I feel as though my hair is remaining thick and beautiful.

Marissa Point Roberts, WA

Husband likes it!

My husband’s family genes are catching up to him and he wanted me to see about finding a hair growth shampoo, that’s when I came across this product. He is very excited about it and you can’t really go wrong with vitamin enriched shampoo!

Nell Kinston, NC