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#1 Foot File Rasp and Corn Callus Remover

NEW 2 In 1 Foot Rasp File & Corn Remover Get Full Feet Treatment With The One Product – Unique 2 In 1 Design – Get Smooth Feet In Just Minutes – Easy To Use Embarrassed With Your Feet? – Do You Have Annoying and Ugly Calluses On Your Feet and Toes? – Do Your Calluses Cause You Pain When You Walk? – Embarrassed To Wear Your Favorite Sandals or Heels? – Breaking Your Bank Account By Going For A Weekly Pedicure? We use our feet nearly 24hrs a day, but never seem to give them the attention they deserve. It is only inevitable that skin will harden & look unsightly with age. However there are many different products out there that are either a foot rasp OR a corn remover but never both. Since these problems go hand in hand the 2 In 1 foot rasp file & corn remover is the ideal solution! The 2 In 1 Foot Rasp File & Corn Remover Will Have Your Feet Looking Beautiful Again – Easy detachable foot rasp – Corn Remover – Non Slip Handle – Safe and Painless – All Parts Can Be Removed For Easy Cleaning – Perfect To Be Used On Cracked Heels and Growing Calluses On Toes and Along The Feet For Best Results – Soak Feet In Warm Water To Soften Skin – Use Light Pressure and Be Patient – Use Your Favorite Lotion After The Using The Rasp Overnight – If You Are A Diabetic Or Anemic, Please Consult Your Health Professional Prior To Using This Product Guaranteed To Make Your Feet Feeling Smooth & Looking Great. For a More Detailed Look At This Product Just Search ‘Glamscious Foot Rasp’ On Youtube. Stock Is Limited – Order Now!

Key features

  • Premium Quality Design & Feel
  • Unique 2 In 1 Design For Complete Foot Care – Only One On Amazon
  • Easy To Use Simple Clip On Foot Rasp Feature – Painless Procedure
  • Sharp Blade For Tough Callus Corn Removal
  • Quality Product Made In Korea With Use of German Blades

Honest reviews


It’s Ok

It’s ok but to tell you the truth I’m always suspect when I see a product with foreign, in this case Korean writing I’m assuming.

Kathryn Gravity, IA

Callus/corn remover part okay but file not so okay

I always suffer from dry, rough feet, and I go through foot files like crazy. I got this because of the two-in-one factor. I wanted to try the file first, but I couldn’t figure out how to attach it since the directions are in Chinese or something. After fiddling with it for a bit, I finally figured it out. I tried the file, and it really wasn’t doing much but making the dry skin stand up. So I took off the file part, and soaked my feet in preparation for the callus remover part. It’s basically a razor so you kind of have to be careful how close you get, but it does work at taking off calluses. I had one on the side of my foot that it took right off, so I can say that part works. It would be a better product if it had English directions and the file was much much better.

Angie Paia, HI

great help for my feet

This gadget helped my poor dry and abused feet tremendously. I have a scar from when I was a child on the ball of my foot. The callouses build up on it and it is almost too painful to walk. This is the perfect remedy for that. I am pain free, amazing. It smoothed out my rough heels and sides of my feet, made them like new soft skin..For filing, do not use in both directions. Point the head down and then move the rasp head up. For corn cutting, make sure the head is pointed down and then remove the callus corn by cutting down. For a instruction video search ‘Glamscious Foot Rasp’ on YouTube.It is quality made and will last forever.I love this tool and will recommend it highly. Do yourself a favor, take care of your feet with 2 in 1 Foot Rasp.

Annette Thatcher, AZ

Dry Feet

I have dry feet in the summer and this is a great tool to remove some of the dead skin.I had a similar product but it broke so glad I found this one. You are really getting 2 products for price of one with this purchase.

Rosalind Loco, OK

Best foot file two in one product I owned so far

This foot file Rasp and corn callus remover ( 2 in 1 product) By EDK Distributing You have to use it on DRY feet and not feet that have been freshly washed or feet that have been moisturized. It does a great job removing calluses and dry skin on your heels and on the balls of your feet. I use the file first and then follow up by using the corn callus remover together I think these foot files do the best job in getting your feet baby-skin soft. I hadn’t had mine that long but it’s doing the right job already love having it. Thanks Courtesy of Glamscious …Update still works great as of ( March 23 , 2014 no issues as of yet.

Fern Hansville, WA

Lightweight and easy to use.

This very lightweight and pretty easy to use. I have a problem with my hands and have trouble using some things. This was very simple to use. And it really works very well.

Celeste Clear Brook, VA

Handy 2 in 1 Foot File Rasp & Corn Callus Remover

If you’ve ever been to a Spa/Mani-Pedi Salon, you know that the providers have their own rasp/tools. However, this is really unsanitary if they don’t disinfect and clean in properly. So, my advice is when going for a pedicure, bring your own tools so that you know it’s a safer alternative to heavily used pedicure tools. This is helpful especially when you are going out of town and you are not familiar with the practices of that establishment. Better to be safe from infection, then get sick.Pros:-Lightweight-Durable-Softens even the most troubled feet-Fits in my portable tote bag-Great to travel with (checked in bag only)-Easy to clean (just make sure to use a new toothbrush for cleaning so you don’t scratch yourself)-2 in 1 product (now you don’t have to buy two)-Great on stubborn calluses (after I had foot surgery, I had to contend with a callus under the ball of my foot. This is great for minimizing that issue)Cons:Instructions not in English (packaging was in Korean).About the Seller:I ordered my #1 Foot File Rasp and Corn Callus Remover (2 in 1 Product) from EDK Distributing on 7/21/13 and it arrived on 7/24/13…on time and neatly packaged. The seller also had sent properer verification as to when the product would be delivered and when it shipped. Although the instructions on the packaging was in Korean, I am thankful that a day after I received my 2 in 1 pedicure tool, I was given more detailed instruction via email. This gratuitous product was provided commensurate for my unbiased review and equitable opinion.Recommendations:To the Seller: Please provide an English insert with instructions when shipping this product.To Potential Customers: This is a convenient tool that you want in your household if you want to keep your feet looking good and feeling soft. Hope this helps!

Rosie Rural Hall, NC