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1 Back Scrubber Scrub BRUSH Long Handle Bath Shower 1 RANDOM COLOR

Scrubbing Brush Side & Massaging Side for squeaky clean feeling skin & relaxation.Comes in 1 RANDOM COLOR.

Key features

  • 1 Random Color
  • Amazing scrub Side & Massaging Side for squeaky clean feeling skin & relaxation
  • Also Great for Scrubbing foot, back & knees to soften and rejuvenate skin.
  • 14.5″ long Total Length

Honest reviews


Back Scrubber Scrub BRUSH Long Handle Bath Shower Purple OR Pink

Nice weight and long handled back scrubber. A bit more pricey than buying at Walmart but well worth the difference for the longer handle. Let’s me reach everywhere with ease.

Ramona Westfield, NC

A great brush

This was a lucky find. The size and softness of the bristles are just right for me. It feels like it’ll last a good long time. If you’re worried about getting a brush that goes with your bathroom, this probably isn’t the choice for you, but if color is no object, this is the way to go.

Rachelle Hayes Center, NE

True to its Word

This is perfect for anyone! I use this back scrubber when I shower and it always does the work for me. Its effective and does what its supposed to do. A perfect product for your bathroom. Also the shipping for this was quick! I am happy.

Alfreda Madison, NC


got my back scrubber some weeks ago, love it and I use it for every shower, the bristles were kinda hard at first but they are not so bad nemore and the color I got is the green. It has really been helping with my mild back-ne.

Selma Dinero, TX

worth the price

It probably won’t last long. The handle is really thin and flexes somewhat. For the price it is really replaceable. I wish it was a bit sturdier (even if it were more expensive) The bristles are nice a little stiff at first but if run under hot water they soften temporarily.I will probably buy this again. It has a nice long reach can get the center of my back with no problem.

Mia Zirconia, NC

Nice, cheap scrubber

this is nice, it’s inexpensive and I’d describe the bristles as medium. they’re not all soft and smooshy like a doll hair brush but they’re not going to scrub your skin off. colors are bright, I think the handle is plenty long.

Reyna Grafton, NH

Very nice bath brush!

But be careful, the bristles are rather stiff. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just probably not for every day use. Very pleased with this purchase.

Aisha Shields, ND

Great Deal

I guess the only weird part is that you cannot pick the color you want. I got pink. Other than that, it’s a great deal. It has firm bristles and the handle doesn’t slip out your hands. Worth the money.

Amber Mattapan, MA